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What Are Good Carbs And Bad Carbs?

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Some people view carbohydrates as bad but they aren't really bad. In fact, if you try to go without carbs in your diet, you will lose all your energy levels.

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But at the same time, if you over-consume carbs, then you may increase the risk of obesity. Foods that have fibre, starch and sugar are carbohydrate foods.

When carbs are broken down, your cells can utilise the glucose for energy. Good carbs give energy and nutrients to your body. Bad carbs are empty calories that seldom provide nutrition.

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When you carefully choose good carbs and avoid bad carbs, you tend to minimsie the risk of obesity, diabetes and BP.


Fact #1

A food that contains carbohydrates and can be consumed directly is a said to be a good carbohydrate. For example, raw veggies can directly be consumed and they contain carbohydrates too.


Fact #2

Cabbage, spinach, lettuce and other leafy vegetables are good carbs and they are healthy if they are consumed directly in the raw form or even in the cooked form.


Fact #3

Fruits, nuts, seeds and berries are also good source of good carbs. Stay away form refined flours and consume unprocessed carbs. Even whole grains are okay.


Fact #4

When you eat good carbs, your energy levels remain stable. Also, you will feel full for long. Good carbs tend to keep your blood sugar levels stable.


Fact #5

Bad carbs can cause obesity, heart issues, diabetes, cholesterol issues and in some cases even cancer. Foods that are processed tend to lose the fibre content in them. Also, many nutrients tend to get lost during the process.


Fact #6

Though the processed foods are tasty, have better shelf life and are easier to store, they are unhealthy. Example are cakes, cookies, pasta, white breads, candies, chips, sodas and other baked items.


Fact #7

Artificial ingredients, preservatives and white flour spoil your health in the long run. Firstly, your body will not be able to absorb them easily. Also, empty calories don't provide nutrition. They accumulate fat. If you wish to avoid bad carbs, simply stay away from processed foods.

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