Want To Live Longer? Try This Fruit For A Longer Life

By: Niharika Choudhary
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Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry. However, I am sure all the Indian households will stick to the good old name "amla".

Amla has been an integral part of Indian households since ages. We have always cherished the goodness of amla in forms of 'chawanprash', 'amle ka murabba', pickles and what not.

Amla has been a crucial part of Ayurveda since ages. Every part of the amla tree, including the fruit, seed, flowers, leaves, root and bark, are used in different Ayurvedic preparations. The medical properties it holds remain unparalleled when compared with any of its peers.

Amla has a great cultural and religious significance. Amla tree is considered sacred by the Hindus and they believe that Lord Vishnu dwells there. Amla tree is also worshiped on Amalaka Ekadashi.

According to the myths, amla is said to have originated after the "ksheera sagar manthan". It is said to have spilled on earth accidentally after the spectacular fight between the Gods and Demons during in the ksheera sagar manthan.

This religious belief amplifies the claims that amla helps in curing every disease and increases ones longevity.

Amla is abundant in vitamin C and antioxidants. It increases haemoglobin and red blood cell count in the body. Regular consumption helps in flushing out the toxins and purifying the blood.

These are just some of the various benefits of amla. We are sharing many other important benefits of amla through this article that you must read on.


It Boosts The Health Of Your Blood

Amla is the richest source of vitamin C an antioxidant that helps to flush out the toxins from the body, thus purifying the blood.

Regular consumption of amla also increases the haemoglobin level and red blood cell count in the body.


Maintains Your Heart Health

Regular consumption of amla strengthens the heart muscles.

This helps the heart in a more efficient way in pumping purified blood.

Amla also lowers the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL).


Fuels Your Immunity And Is Anti-inflammatory In Nature

Amla is the richest source of vitamin C and antioxidants that speed up the healing process of the body.

Amla also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe down the sore muscles.

Regular consumption of amla also gives relief to arthritis patients.

Not only this, consuming amla every day can boost the body's immune system.


Best Eye Care Ingredient

Amla is the best medicine for the eyes.

Regularly washing your eyes with diluted amla juice can help in improving the eye health.

Doing this also helps in keeping all other eye diseases like myopia as well as cataracts at bay.

Consume amla juice with honey to enhance your vision.


Is A Boon For The Stomach

Amla is a rich source of dietary fibres.

These fibres relieve in constipation and also help in digestion.

When consumed with honey, amla powder helps fight acidity and gastric.

Amla has powerful cooling and laxative qualities.

These qualities make it a very beneficial remedy for treating diarrhoea as well as dysentery.


Helps To Lose Weight

Amla boosts the body's metabolism to a very great extent.

When consumed regularly, amla juice helps in flushing the fat content deposited in the body.

Drinking amla juice with honey on an empty stomach helps in a quick weight loss.


Checks Your Blood Sugar Level

Amla is a natural cure for diabetes.

The rich content of dietary fibres in amla help to lower down the blood sugar level.

Diabetic patients should include amla in their diet to balance the blood sugar levels.


Relieves In Menstrual Cramps

Regular consumption of amla gives a good relief during menstrual cramps.

It is advised to take amla for a couple of weeks before the periods to have its maximum effect during the time of periods.


Lowers The Risk Of Blood Pressure

Amla is the richest source of vitamin C.

Consuming vitamin C regularly helps to dilate blood vessels, therefore, fueling the easy flow of blood.

Taking amla daily on an empty stomach can help to lower the risk of blood pressure.


Keeps You Young

Amla is the store-house of antioxidants.

Amla has a higher oxidative radiance exercise capacity (ORAC).

This helps in avoiding oxidative strain that is responsible for earlier ageing.

Applying amla juice or a piece of raw amla on the damaged skin can help it to heal faster.


Keeps Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) At Bay

Drinking amla juice regularly boosts the health of the urinary tract.
Amla also keeps the body safe from several urinary tract infections (UTIs).


Improves Libido

Regular consumption of amla helps to improve the libido in men who have a lower libido.

Consuming 1 or 2 spoons of amla powder with warm water will help in improving semen release.

This is a natural remedy that has no side effects.


Beneficial In Many Other Diseases

Amla powder has a wide number of other health benefits such as - it treats mouth ulcers, regular consumption can treat insomnia and brain diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.

Drinking amla juice can improve memory and concentration and give you a good relief during cough.

Regular consumption of amla during jaundice also effectively treats the condition.

Amla also cuts down the adverse effects of smoking.

When amla powder is consumed with radish, it breaks the bladder stones and flushes them out through urine.

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