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Drink This To Prevent Sunstroke!

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Today most of us are using electric cookers and pressure cookers to cook rice but back then, people used to cook rice along with water in pots and other open utensils.

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Even now in villages people still cook rice like that. The advantage is that they can use the water in which the rice is boiled for other purposes.

Firstly, all the nutrients in the rice get into the water. And when you drink the water, you are nourishing your body with all those nutrients.

In fact, new studies reveal that drinking rice water once a week also up lifts the health. May be that is why people living in villages tend to be healthier than us. They start their day with rice water and also have enough physical activity too.

If you wish to prepare rice water then here is the process: Take a small bowl and add a cup of raw rice and add two cups of water. Boil it till the rice gets cooked. Once the rice is cooked, move the water and drink it.

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You can add a pinch of salt and turmeric for taste. Treat it like a soup and drink it once a day in the morning.


It Energises You

As it contains carbs, you will feel energetic when you drink rice water. In fact, drinking a cup of rice water in the morning makes your whole day energetic.


Sun Protection

A substance known as oryzanol present in rice water tends to protect you from UV rays. Drinking a cup will help you resist the heat of the summer.


Improves Bowel Movements

Rice water can also improve bowel movements. Also, as it contains starch, it is good for the bacteria in your stomach.


Prevents Dehydration

You tend to lose water and nutrients through sweat. In summer, it is good to drink rice water as it can protect your body from dehydration.


Prevents Diarrhea

It can also treat diarrhea. In fact, even children consume rice water in some parts of India.


Prevents Some Cancers

Certain studies claim that people who drink rice water regularly tend to have more resistance to combat certain ailments including some types of cancer.


Prevents Infections

Rice water speeds up the healing process when you are down with fever and it also prevents certain minor infections.

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