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Health Benefits Of Vegetable Juices

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Blending vegetables in a juicer gives you vegetable juices. As vegetables contain lesser sugar than most of the fruits, drinking vegetable juices is surely healthier.

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All of us think about what to eat before we start our day but consuming some vegetable juice is the best option. If you go for the greener ones like kale or spinach, you are helping your body stay healthy.

In fact, carrot juice or potato juice or beetroot juice or spinach juice-all of them are good for your health. Experts recommend juicing at home instead of drinking them outside. Also, if you can avoid adding sugar or salt to the juice, you can preserve the health benefits of the vegetable juices.

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Most of us prefer these juices only when we are sick or only when the doctor recommends but if we make it a habit to consume them daily, many health issues can be prevented. Now, let us discuss about the benefits of vegetable juices.


You Can Take In More

Imagine this: if you were asked to eat 2 cabbages, can you? You might give up. But if the two cabbages are juiced, you can effortlessly drink it. So, juicing lets you take in more nutrients.


They Hydrate You

Some vegetables contain water. Also, juices are fluids. When you consume them, you are hydrating your body which is very good for your health.


You'll Feel Energetic

As vegetable juices are packed with all vitamins and minerals, your body will feel nourished and energetic.


Better Absorption Of Nutrients

When you consume a vegetable in the form of juice, the nutrients are absorbed faster. When you eat a vegetable as it is, your body needs to process it by extracting the nutrients and throwing the waste aside. This may take time. But juices are absorbed faster.


Variety Is Easy

You love some vegetables but hate to eat other vegetables because they don't taste good. A good idea is to juice those vegetables so that you can gulp it in a jiffy! This way, you can provide better variety to your body.


They Detoxify Your System

They flush out toxins and make you feel lighter and energetic. In fact, making vegetable juices a part of your diet is the healthiest thing to do.


No Sugar

Though fruit juices are also healthy, they contain sugar. But vegetable juices are not sugary and they are low in calories.

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Story first published: Friday, January 29, 2016, 6:01 [IST]
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