Foods That Act Like Energy Drinks And Aid In Weight Loss

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Having energy drinks gives you a quick boost of energy and increases your physical strength. However, having them frequently is not good for your health, as they are loaded with caffeine, sugar and other chemical additives.

Energy drinks are very harmful for pregnant women, elderly people and people with kidney and liver problems. How great it would be if you found some foods that have the same action as that of the energy drinks, wouldn't it? Yes, there are some wonderful foods that can increase your physical strength, boost your with high energy and also alleviate your tiredness and fatigue.

These foods are rich in an antioxidant known as quercetin that helps in the formation of new mitochondria in the body's cells. Mitochondria are called the power house of a cell. This organelle helps in taking up a maximum amount of oxygen by the muscles while doing any physical activity.

The foods that are listed in this article also aid in weight loss, as they prevent the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body, which is normally produced during any physical or mental stress. This hormone causes fat accumulation in the body and thus makes you obese.

Have a look at some foods that boost your energy and increase your physical strength.



They contain about 20 mg of energy-boosting quercetin per 100 g. Onions fill your body with energy and increase your stamina. They relieve body inflammation and are the best antioxidant foods. Onions also prevent allergy and other respiratory problems.


Green Tea

It contains about 1.69 mg of quercetin per 100 g of brewed green tea. Having green tea not only aids in weight loss but also boosts you with high energy levels. Hence, have green tea before going for a workout, as it contains less caffeine and more of quercetin.



A medium-sized unpeeled apple contains about 10 mg of quercetin. Apples can be your best friends when you are feeling tired or have low body energy. There is no need of an energy drink after having a glass of apple juice.



100 grams of tomatoes contain about 58 milligrams of energy-boosting quercetin. Tomatoes help to supply more oxygen to the muscles, as they contains vitamin B6 and iron as well. Have tomatoes paired with onions to get a boost of energy.



Both blue and black berries act as energy drinks, as they contain about 7.67 mg and 3.58 mg per 100 g of blueberries and blackberries, respectively. They prevent muscle pain after a workout. These fruits increase your physical strength and stamina. Blueberry and blackberry also reduce body inflammation.



100 grams of cherries contain about 2.29 milligrams of quercetin. Sweet cherries are the richest sources of antioxidants. They relieve muscle soreness and increase your athletic performance. This means that you can have a lot of cherries if you are going for a physical workout.



Having a bowl of spinach for breakfast keeps you feeling energetic for the whole day. If you combine spinach with some paneer (cottage cheese), it can increase the energy-boosting powers of spinach. This dish is also known as palak paneer in India.

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