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How Does Beer Affect Your Kidneys?

By: Ajanta Sen
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Do you have the habit of drinking beer? How often do you drink? Do you know about the adverse effects of beer? In majority of the cases, the harmful effects of beer consumption are directly proportional to the amount of beer that you consume.

It is believed that moderate amounts of alcohol can be fine. However, if you are a teetotaler, you don't need to start boozing for the sake of good health. Instead of moderate drinking, you should incorporate daily workouts and nutritious food in your lifestyle in order to keep yourself hale and hearty.

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Moderate drinking can be defined as 1 or 2 drinks per day. However, if you consume those 2 drinks within an hour then you might be inviting a disaster.

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Drinking beer in large quantities can affect several body parts which include kidneys as well. When you go beyond 2 drinks, it can have serious effects on your health. Moreover, if you are already suffering from kidney disease then excess beer consumption can make it worse. How does beer affect your kidneys? This post will enlighten you about the same.

Ways Beer Affects Your Kidneys
There are a number of ways beer affects your kidneys; here are some of them:

Ways Beer Can Affect Kidney

1. Beer Makes Kidneys Incapable
One of the most important roles of your kidneys is to damaging substances from blood. Alcohol happens to be one of those harmful substances. When you consume beer, the alcohol present in it may alter the function of your kidneys and they may be unable to filter your blood.

2. Beer Affects the Kidney's Function
Apart from filtering your blood, the kidneys also perform other important tasks. For example, your kidneys also maintain the right amount of water in the body. The presence of alcohol due to beer consumption, might also affect this function of your kidneys. As a result, when alcohol starts dehydrating your body, this effect can also influence the usual function of your organs and cells including your kidneys. This is one of the numerous ways beer affects your kidneys.

Ways Beer Can Affect Kidney

3. Beer Increases Blood Pressure Levels
The excessive consumption of alcohol can also have an effect on your blood pressure. People who booze in excess are prone to high blood pressure issues. Moreover, if you already have high blood pressure then your medications can also be influenced by beer consumption. One of the various reasons of kidney diseases is high blood pressure. This is one of the beer effects on kidneys. Avoid having more than 2 drinks in a day because it can enhance your risk of acquiring high blood pressure.

Ways Beer Can Affect Kidney

4. Beer Can Cause Liver Disease
How does beer affect your kidneys? Well, chronic drinking can trigger liver diseases which in turn damage your kidneys. A liver disease resulting from excessive alcoholic consumption can weaken the function of your kidneys to balance the rate of your blood flow. As a result, your kidneys are not able to filter your blood properly and this leads to kidney dysfunction.

5. Excessive Beer Consumption Leads to Kidney Injury
If you indulge in beer (more than 4-5 drinks in 2 hours), it can elevate your blood alcohol levels to perilous heights. This can lead to acute kidney injury and you immediately need dialysis until your kidney comes back to function normally. Severe kidney injury takes a pretty amount of time to recuperate; however, in a few cases, it can result in permanent kidney damage.

After knowing about the ways beer affects your kidneys, it is better to avoid drinking beer. You can go for moderate drinking but completely refraining from drinking beer is always better.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 15:00 [IST]
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