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Are Biscuits Unhealthy?

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Today, biscuits are almost an integral part of our diets. We all eat biscuits most of the time. They are the most popular snack option that we have.

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In fact, we are also offered biscuits wherever we go. Whether it is a quick meeting in your company or a tea party in your friend's house, they are everywhere. But are they good for health?

Of course, they are bad for people suffering from diabetes. Also, they are full of calories and may make you gain weight fast.

Though there are many brands claiming to have come up with healthy biscuits, they are just the labels. Oat biscuits, multi-grain or the digestive types- all biscuits do mess up your weight a bit and if you overeat, they could also clog your arteries.

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Let us discuss why they are not so good for your health.


What Are They Made Of?

Most of the biscuits are made of refined flours which don't contain enough of fibre. They may spike your blood sugar levels which is bad for your health in the long run.


Sugar Levels

Most of the biscuits do contain lots of sugar. They can add up empty calories which cause unwanted fat.



Biscuits contain hydrogenated fats. All biscuits do contain some amount of fat even if the label says fat free.


Gluten Allergy

Many studies suggest that excessive consumption may also cause gluten allergy.



In some people, biscuits may also cause constipation as they are made of refined flour.



The sugar and added flavours in some biscuits may also make you addicted for a long time.


Bad For Teeth

Just like other sweets and chocolates, even biscuits can wreck your teeth if you are not careful about your dental health.

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