10 Foods That Help Burn Calories

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Some people are foodie by nature and don't want to give up some of their favorite foods for weight loss. Now there is a good news for those people who want to lose weight and never sacrifice eating.

There are some wonderful foods that you can eat sufficiently and still lose weight. These foods require more calories to digest them and thus the stored calories are utilised for the digestion of these foods.

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Apart from this, these foods also supply the body with enough vitamins, minerals and fibres. These healthy foods can easily be substituted for an unhealthy diet to help a person in his weight loss efforts.

These foods have be eaten in the form of salad or half cooked meals. Some foods such as apricot and celery can be used as a healthy snack. These foods are good in taste and need no addiction of salad dressing which increases the calorie count. Eat these foods for snacks and desserts and see the numbers on the scale begin ticking away.

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Have a look at these foods that burn more calories than they contain.



It is rich in vitamin C, and many other vitamins and minerals. A full grapefruit contains 76 calories, that is as much as required for the process of digestion. So if you eat a grape fruit you will get the benefits of eating a fruit at zero calories. However, you have to stop consuming sugar.



They must be added in the food in large quantities for weight loss. Peppers increase metabolic rate thus helping your body to consume calories fast. They spice up a dish and can even substitute for dressing and help you work toward weight loss.



It is rich in fibres and eating it in the form of salad is a good substitute for breads. Lettuce also helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Eating lettuce in a salad is a good meal with high water content as well.



You can use celery as a healthy snack for weight loss. It takes more calories to digest celery than it actually contains. Celery is filled with water and helps you feel full when you eat it.



It is a versatile fruit as it can be eaten in many forms. It can be eaten as a salad or as a fried food. However, for weight loss, you must eat it raw. During digestion, your body uses more than 15 calories found in a serving of zucchini.



Slice cucumbers, sprinkle some salt and pepper. They will be wonderful snacks to keep you full and hydrated. You will start losing weight and have a healthy skin after eating cucumbers. Cucumbers also provide nutrients your body needs to keep functioning properly



If you are getting frequent cravings for sugary foods then eat apples. They have many health benefits and it requires more calories to digest apples than they actually contain. This is good trick to lose weight.



It contains 90 percent of water content and can be a good option for your desserts rather than candies or cookies. Apart for it watermelon is rich in vitamins and minerals.



You can eat it either raw or cooked for weight loss. The green leaves are beneficial for your health. They prevent constipation and aid in weight loss. It can also be a good substitute for certain high calorie ingredients in dishes.



Apricots can be used to burn calories and at the same time can work well as a dessert. They are also rich in many vitamins and minerals. Our body consumes a lot of calories for their digestion. IN this way they also aid in weight loss.

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