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Horrible Contents That Is Used To Make Fizzy Drinks

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Fizzy drinks are a common beverage for kids. Parents who allow their child to consume carbonated drinks should take a moment to read this article. A recent study shows that fizzy drinks can destroy your bones, can cause heart diseases, bring on obesity and much worse.

There are a lot of health issues associated with these carbonated drinks which is why you should keep them far away from your diet.


Today's focus is on the contents of these drinks. Most of us are aware that they contain artificial sugars and acids, but did you know that they also contain sodium benzoate and mercury. Take a look at some of the ingredients which are present in your sodas. It may change your mind the next time you opt for it as a beverage:

Contents Of Fizzy Drinks | What Does Fizzy Drinks Contain | Fizzy Drink Effects

Mercury - The high-fructose corn syrup that is used in many fizzy drinks has been found to contain traces of the highly toxic metal, mercury. Regular consumption of aerated drinks with this harmful ingredient will tend to cause a lot of health issues later on in life.

Sodium Benzonate - This is one of the strongest preservatives which is found in foods. Sodium Benzonte is also found in aerated drinks, but scientists have yet not proven that it is harmful for health.

Aspartame - This again is a harmful ingredient which is added to sodas as sweetner. Aspartame is a genetically modified ingredient which causes the onset of dizziness and nausea. It is best not to drink too much of carbonated drinks as it could affect your health.

Fizzy Drink Effects

Phosphoric Acid - It is well known that sodas contain acids. Phosphoric acid is one of the few that is added to the beverage to enhance it's taste. The tartiness flavour which you get in sodas is nothing but this deadly acid. According to reports, consumption of phosphoric acids will lower the levels of calcium in the body and it can have a detrimental effect on the bone density.

Bisphenol A - This ingredient is also known as (BPA). The reason why BPA is powerful is only because it can cause attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and even brain damage. For women, this chemical is dangerous as it can affect and interfere with the thyroid hormones.

What Does Fizzy Drinks Contain

High Fructose Syrup - It is widely known as HFCS, it is also one of the main ingredients that is added to fizzy drinks. Regular consumption of this ingredient will lead to an increase in weight, can cause diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

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Story first published: Friday, October 16, 2015, 1:00 [IST]
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