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Health Benefits Of Amchur Powder

Aamchur powder: Health Benefits | चुटकी भर अमचूर पाउडर दूर करता है बड़ी बड़ी बीमारियाँ | Boldsky

In India, mango powder is known as amchur. Are you aware of the benefits of amchur powder? Well, the main reason why mangoes are powdered is because mango is a seasonal fruit, it is available in the summer.

In order to consume it in other seasons too, it is stored in various forms. Mango powder looks green in colour though some mangoes offer brown coloured powder. This powder is mainly used in certain recipes to give a taste and flavour.

Health Benefits Of Summer

Many vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes taste good after amchur is added.This is the reason why Indians like to use it in most of their mouth watering dishes. Well, now let us move on to the benefits of amchur powder.



Amchur is good for digestion. Consuming this powder on a regular basis by adding it to your dishes may help in improving your digestive system.


Weight Loss

This powder contains anti-oxidants. It is a fact that amchur can boost your metabolism up to an extent. A fast metabolism can help in losing weight.



Apart from improving your digestive system, amchur can also cure constipation and also flatulence. This is one of the health benefits of mango powder.


Prevents Cancer

It prevents certain types of cancer. Firstly, amchur is rich in vitamin C. Therefore, people suffering deficiency of vitamin C can always consume it. This is one of the health benefits of mango powder.



Amchur can do a good job in cleansing your skin. It can enhance the texture and make your skin look healthy.


Eye Sight

There are some sources which say that mango powder has the ability to improve eye sight. If you wish to prevent vision disorders, ensure that you use mango powder in your recipes.



As amchur is also rich in iron content, those who are anemic can consume it to supply enough of iron to the body.



Amchur is good for cardiovascular system. It can help in preventing certain cardiovascular issues like stroke and heart attack. This is one of the benefits of mango powder.



Mangoes contain a carotenoid which helps strengthen the immune system. So, consuming amchur regularly can do good to your immunity.


Blood Pressure

Mango powder also contains minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and potassium. It also contains lots of vitamins. Its nutrients help keep BP under control.

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