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When it is all about weight loss, we check the list of nutrients and calories present in the food before adding it to our list of diet foods. To make this even more easy, we are here to share some of the most popluar foods that you can include in your diet, as they contain very less calories in them.

The foods that we are sharing with you today hardly have any calories and are a best option to lose weight. Each of these foods has fewer than 50 calories per 100 grams of serving. Stick to these foods and notice a drastic weight loss in you.

The theory of eating less calories helps in burning of calories that are already stored in your system. Burning the stored calories is a great option, when it comes to foods with less calories, as the body tends to melt the extra fat from our body to gain energy.

So, check the list of foods that help you lose weight and not let you add extra calories. Read on to know more about these interesting foods.



Celery has a bland taste. It is a food which makes you feel like you've hardly eaten anything. But this does not come as a shocker because it hardly has any calories to it.
Nutrient Quotient: Total calories per 100 g serving - 16



Cabbage has the ability to prevent cancer and heart diseases. It often tops the list of foods that help in weight loss. That's because it has a calorie count so low that you end up burning it off just by going about the normal motions of your day.
Nutrient Quotient: Total calories per 100 g serving - 25



Asparagus is rich in fibre content, which helps you to stay fuller for long. It has the least calories. This helps you stay away from junk foods, as you feel full after consuming it.
Nutrient Quotient: Total calories per 100 g serving - 20.



Select fresh beets, if you are looking on less calories. In addition to being low on calories, beets are a great option for the body, as they contain betalains, an antioxidant that gives them its color, which is only found in a few selected foods.
Nutrient Quotient: Total calories per 100 g serving - 43



Consume lemon as much as you can, as it does not add strain to your total calories consumed in a day. Lemons are great for flavoring up a glass of water, or sprinkling on top of fish and other foods to give them a bit of zest. They are rich in antioxidants and are alkalising foods that help you stay healthy.
Nutrient Quotient: Total calories per 100 g serving - 29



Mushroom is another food that has hardly any calories. None of the varieties of mushrooms contain more calories hence making them healthy food options. So make sure you include more of mushrooms in your diet, if you are planning on losing weight.
Nutrient Quotient: Total calories per 100 g serving - 22



Tomatoes top the list of healthiest foods. The lycopene present in them helps in preventing cancer and keeps heart diseases at bay, so you're doing yourself a favour each time by eating it. Combine it with other foods on this list and you'll get a delicious, low-calorie meal.
Nutrient Quotient: Total calories per 100 g serving - 17



Turnips are not anybody's favourite foods. These vegetables show up from time to time in recipes, but are generally used as a part of a side dish or salads. They are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm down the symptoms of several conditions caused by excessive inflammation in the body.
Nutrient Quotient: Total calories per 100 g serving - 28

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