Foods That Make You Poop Right Away

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Healthy bowel movements contribute to your joy even though you seldom realise that. Of course, you may realise that when you fail to get nature's calls on time.

Do you know the fact that there are so many who generally depend on laxatives to get their bowel movements right? Well, healthy digestive system and excretory action are very important to your overall health and well being.

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If your day starts with a healthy bathroom session, your activities in the day tend to go fine. Otherwise, you may feel frustrated and irritated the whole day. And yes, there are some foods that make you poop. When you consume them, your insides might gets stimulated for the release!

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When you take a deeper look, your lifestyle factors contribute a lot to your bowel health. The food you eat, the amount of sleep you get and the amount of activity you give to your body, all of them contribute a lot to your bowel movements.

Now, in this post, let us discuss about certain foods that foods that will make you poop. Read on...



Why do you generally feel like going to the restroom after too much of coffee? Well, the caffeine content in the coffee stimulates something in the digestive action. It also enhances peristalsis and cholecystokinin. Maybe this is why your bowel movements speed up after coffee.



This applies to you only if you are lactose intolerant. If your body fails to take milk, you may suffer diarrhea after drinking milk.



It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre content- all of which keep your bowel movements healthy. But sometimes, too much of it may make you visit the restroom twice.


Spicy Stuff

Most of the spicy food stuffs contain something called as capsaicin. This is why such foods create a hot impact on your system. And of course, your bowels may also get irritated and your urge to squat may increase.



They contain lots of Magnesium. Do you know that this mineral relaxes your muscles? Well, when your muscles down there relax, your stools attract water and this causes bowel movement.



They come with loads of fibre. They are considered as laxatives not without a reason. They contain sorbitol that enhances bowel movements.



Health experts recommend a banana or two for those who lack free bowel movements. Bananas provide lots of fibre which is good for bowel movements.



Why do berries make you squat? Well, they have fibre which is bowel friendly material.

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