Best Handpicked Teas For Weight Loss

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If you're in plans of losing weight then the best option would be to first detox your body. For this, you can opt for some of the best handpicked teas for weight loss. Generally, drinking a cup of steaming hot tea is considered as a cure for sore throat or to warm up your winter nights.

Did you know that certain teas are 90% more effective than drinking coffee to burn that extra flab and even for weight loss? Well, drinking 2-3 cups of antioxidant-rich teas does play a vital role in your weight loss. This is one of the most underrated methods of spiking our metabolism rate through antioxidant-rich teas.

Green tea is the first option that comes to our mind when we think of weight loss. However, apart from these unique different teas, you need to change your lifestyle habits and exercise well to get the desired results. In this article, we are here to share some of the most interesting handpicked teas that you can use for weight loss.


Porangaba Tea

This tea is an excellent choice to burn the extra calories. This tea contains caffeine, allantoin and potassium. It aids in weight loss, reduces appetite, acts as a diuretic and also reduces the fatty deposits and cellulite from the body. For best results, drink a cup of this tea before having your meal.


Peppermint Tea

This tea helps to control your food intake. It speeds up your digestion and burns more calories. Enjoy this tea when it's hot or sip it when it is chilled. To get best results add honey instead of sugar.


White Tea

This tea helps to stimulate fat burning. It is made using young leaves that help to get rid of fluoride from the body. The antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties in the tea make it a best choice for a healthy drink. Consume this tea at least twice in a day for better results.


Star Anise Tea

This tea promotes digestion. It is generally used in the treatment of digestive troubles like diarrhoea, nausea and stomach upset. Just dip a whole pod in a cup of steaming hot water for 15 minutes and drink it. This also helps in weight loss.


Yerba Mate Tea

This tea aids in stimulating good cholesterol. It is a very good choice of tea, as it has cancer-killing properties. The rich polyphenols and antioxidants present in this tea help in stimulating good cholesterol level in the body and also aid in weight loss.


Rose Tea

This is one of the oldest flavouring tea used since ancient times. It is made using rose petals and rose buds. It has therapeutic effects on the body. This tea is rich in vitamin A, B3, C, D and E, thus making it a great choice for an overall health. Drink this tea at least twice a day, as it helps in weight loss.


Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is the best choice for weight loss, as it burns approximately around 157% fat when compared to green tea. It increases metabolism, burns fat and blocks fat absorption. It is also a good choice for a healthy heart, as it reduces the cholesterol level.
Drink 3-4 cups of oolong tea daily for a fitter you!

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