5 Best Fruits To Have For Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should be eaten regularly and it should be healthy. A healthy breakfast can be anything from salads to vegetable sandwich to fruits. Fruits are healthy and a great option for breakfast especially if you are on a weight regime.

In this article we shall talk about fruits to have for breakfast. These fruits are good for health and improve the body stamina to keep up the energy all day.


The below are some of the best fruits for breakfast you can include in your diet. Having food for breakfast keeps the heart healthy, maintain body weight and improve skin texture.



If you have a problem in your bowel movements or if you are suffering from constipation you should eat banana in the morning. Banana is a fruit to have in breakfast. Banana helps in pushing down the waste enduring proper digestion of food along with smooth bowel movements. Banana also has energy which is enough to sustain the day without getting tired or experiencing fatigue. These are a few reasons why banana is one of the best fruits for breakfast. One should have a banana first thing in the morning if you want a good bowel movement without any constipation problems

Watermelon and Musk Melon

These two fruits should be eaten especially in the summer season to re energize the body. Both the melons are good fruits to have for breakfast as they help in re hydrate the body. They have high content of water and nutrients which help in enhancing the energy level of the body and make you feel fresh throughout the day. Both these fruits can be eaten in combination for breakfast using salt and some pepper as garnish. These fruits are both delicious as well as the best fruits for breakfast.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid which is generally found in lemon, lime and oranges are also good fruits to have for breakfast. These fruits contain acid which does help in body functioning and metabolism. Though having citric foods for breakfast is bad for people who have acidity related problems. But these fruits also have high water content which helps to re hydrate the body and improve body working. Though these fruits cannot be termed as the best fruits for breakfast and even if you have them you must eat other fruits along to balance the acid level.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like cashew, almonds and resins can be an option for breakfast. This is because these fruits contain high sugar and carbohydrates which can give you energy keeping up your stamina for the entire day. Dry fruits are rich in carbohydrates and therefore they provide a lot of energy. Though these aren't the best fruits for breakfast for people who are looking for weight odd diet. These fruits can be eaten by people who want to gain weight. These fruits are nevertheless a good option for breakfast.


Papaya is a detox fruit and should be eaten in the morning to clean the stomach and bowels. Papaya is a good fruit the have for breakfast because it cleanses the body and makes your skin look fresh as ever. Papaya has a lot of heat and so it should be avoided by people who have a problem of body heat. This fruit should also be voided by women who are pregnant as it may lead to natural miscarriage.

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