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Dips That Are Gluten Free

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Who doesn’t like dips with some of the most exotic and delicious foods? Well, you would definitely love the taste of dipping your garlic toast through a cheese dip, or probably nachos through the several dips that are available to aid it. Dips are indeed the best and the easily available food items. You can easily make up something for a snack or dinner with the several dips available. But most of the dips contain gluten. What is gluten? Well it is a type of protein that is generally found in wheat, barley, rye etc. In case you are suffering from Celiac disease, which basically attacks the small intestine and causes harm to its immunity, then you need to have gluten free foods.


In such a case, you need to find dips that are gluten free. You may need to exclude dips that may possess wheat, barley, rye and in some cases oats also. You need to find dips that may taste same but do not possess any element that would cause trouble to your intestine.

There are some gluten free dips that you may need to consider as part of your diet. Here are some dips that are gluten free which may help you dip your foods in.


Cheese Dip

Cheese may possess fats in any amount but it is definitely a gluten free product. Being processed at the dairy with milk and fats, this does not contain anything that can add gluten like wheat, rye, oats etc. So, having cheese dip is a good idea. Cheese dip is indeed one of the several dips that are gluten free.


Vegetable Dip

As has been mentioned dips that are gluten free should not consist certain ingredients. A person affected with Celiac disease should be put on a strict vegetarian diet so that they can heal and the intestine can gain more strength. For this purpose a vegetable dip is essentially important. It will not just help in healing but will be a part of the gluten free diet. You can always consider vegetable dip when you are considering a gluten free dip.


Artichoke Dip

Yet another dip that can be a part of the dips that are gluten free! Yes, artichoke dip is indeed gluten free dip. It is not exactly your creamy version of a dip like your cheese dip but it is most certainly a brilliant dip that keeps you and your food fresh. You can choose to have your sandwiches or crackers with this dip. It would just add to its taste.



If this were not included in your dips that are gluten free then what would be added here. This is indeed a brilliant version of gluten free dips that not just has its brilliant taste but also owes its inclusion to accompanying any sort of food. You can have your favorite bread sticks with this dip. You can even choose to add pickled jalapenos and roasted red peppers to your hummus to add flavor and make it more interesting.


Mayo Veg Dip

One of the best dips that are gluten free! You can have this dip with your favorite nachos or breads. You will find that this dip is purely veggie in nature making it good for your intestine and your gluten based disease. You can always include this in your diet and make an easy snack for the evening.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 8, 2014, 20:02 [IST]
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