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9 Healthy Ways To Eat Chocolate

Chocolates are food for your soul. A good bite of chocolates can sometimes cure everything, including a broken heart. That is why, it is hard to resist a genuine craving for chocolates. So do not freak out when we tell you that there are healthy ways to eat chocolate. To make it more specific, there are healthy ways to eat dark chocolate. As you already know, dark chocolate is much less fattening as compared to normal chocolate.

But even if you have to eat chocolate that is not completely dark, it should have some health benefits. You should not consume chocolates as empty calories. You must try and get some nutrition along with the chocolate. There are many healthy ways to eat chocolates provided you are willing to control yourself just a wee bit.


If you had dreamed of gobbling up entire chocolate bars and calling it 'healthy', then please kiss them goodbye. We are looking at healthy ways to eat chocolate and not indiscriminate ways to indulge your chocolate sugar cravings. Chocolate has many health benefits but it has to be eaten in the right way.

Here are some of healthy ways to eat chocolates and still remain fit.


Grate It

Grate the chocolate bars and store the grated chocolate. In this way, you only eat a pinch every time you crave for chocolate and that is surely less than a bite.


Have It Dark

Try to develop a taste for dark chocolate. It always taste less sweet to begin with but you will end up liking the taste in over a period of time if you are true chocolate lover.


Have Hot Chocolate

Use plain cocoa powder instead of eating chocolates. You can make hot chocolate so that you get some calcium and iron into your system also with the cocoa.


Chocolate With Almonds

Keep almonds coated with chocolates handy for a quick snack. You can buy them from any store or just make them at home.


Peanut Butter Chocolate

Peanut butter is a protein rich bread spread. And when you add chocolate to it, you get the added health benefits of chocolates from it.


Garnish With Chocolates

You can use the grated chocolate bars to garnish your desserts, oats and porridge. That is a healthy way to have chocolate because you are only having a little for taste.


Melted Chocolate Coated Fruits

Melt a chocolate bar and then dip fruits in the melted chocolate. Citrus fruits taste best with chocolates. Be stingy with the size of the dips so that you can have a nutrition-rich, healthy snack.


Choc-o-block Popcorns

When you are making popcorn in your microwave, you can add some cocoa to it. This will make the popcorns chocolaty and you still have only, 'a little' chocolate.


Chocolate Oats Brownies

When you are making healthy oats brownies, add some chocolates chips to it. You can also add some dark cocoa powder so that you get the smell of chocolate from these brownies but not the taste.

Story first published: Thursday, June 5, 2014, 17:53 [IST]
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