What Vitamin Overdose Can Do To You?

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How often do you hear of a person who has had a vitamin overdose? Rare isn't it? But that is because most often we do not know that what we are facing are side effects vitamins taken in disproportionate amounts.

The trouble is, we think vitamins can be taken as a source of our daily nutrition. Even your face reveals certain vitamin deficiences, know more about it here.

The myth goes that vitamins and minerals can never do any harm. Actually that is not true. Too much of nothing is good.

vitamin overdose

A vitamin overdose of any type of vitamin has side effects and they will manifest themselves in your body. Here are some more evident ones.

Overdose of Vitamin A:

The fact that vitamin A is fat soluble makes it more dangerous. It will be stored in the fat cells of the body for quite sometime.

Water soluble vitamins are easily flushed out via urine; they are not retained in the system.

vitamin overdose

As vitamin A is good for vision it is your vision that get affected first. Blurred eyesight and then skin rashes will indicate you are eating too many carrots.

In women it can also cause irregular periods.

Side Effects Of Vitamin B In Excess:

Vitamin B is the largest vitamin group with up to B12 as the last sub category. This group of vitamins works in a funny way.

vitamin overdose

Why do doctors always prescribe Vitamin B complex for your daily nutrition and not Vitamin B4 individually.

It is because taking any of the components of vitamin B complex separately causes an imbalance in the body. On the other hand if you want to know the signs of vitamin B deficiency then click here.

This vitamin affects the muscles very quickly. Lack of reflex in muscles is due an overdose of B6.

Overdose Of Vitamin C:

There can be such a thing as having too much sour stuff and what is more, it can lead to scurvy, a disease that affects your bones.

Insomnia accompanied by headaches is another side effect that happens because citrus foods give you a blast of energy.

If you are too energetic you cannot sleep and that gives you headaches out of tiredness.

vitamin overdose

It can be likely for you to take too much vitamin C during your pregnancy when you are on many strong nutrition supplements.

The most immediate symptoms are cramping stomach aches and diarrhea.

Vitamin D Toxicity:

Vitamin D is a special vitamin because its intake is not just through foods for your daily nutrition or vitamin supplements. Exposure to the sun is also responsible for producing Vitamin D in the body.

Considering that over exposure to the sun can be a leading cause of vitamin D overdose. Vitamin D toxicity from oral supplements is seriously rare.

vitamin overdose

The main side effects of vitamin D in excess is that is starts retaining too much calcium in the blood stream.

Any excess calcium does not deposit on your bones but goes straight to the kidneys where it forms stones.

Follow these good health tips to detect a vitamin overdose at once and treat it.

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