5 Sun Protection Foods For The Season

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Who says beauty is just skin deep? Most often what we feel from inside reflects on your skin outside. For example, no amount of makeup can make tired eyes shine. In the same way, sun protection is not just about applying sunscreen lotion on to your face or wearing the latest sun hats and gloves. You need to protect yourself from within. Eating some of these indispensable summer foods could be the best sunscreen for your skin.

Why do we use sun protection? Mainly to avoid the harmful effects of the sun like tanning, wrinkles and so on. Sun strokes and skin cancer are the far reaching effects of sun damage. Eating right would be a more conclusive way to prevent these problems.

Sun Protection Foods

Summer Foods For Sun Protection:

1. Green Tea: Most of us go easy on the intake of tea and coffee in summers because it heals up the body. But, a better way to go would be to drink green tea. This antioxidant rich beverage will re-energize you even in the peak of summers. Its anti-aging and cancer fighting properties are already known so, make it your sun shield this season.

2. Coconut Water: In the sweltering heat of the summers, you also need something to physically cool your body. Drink the cool waters of tender coconut to cool your body. When you fear sun strokes and 'loo', have at least 1 tender coconut every day. If you are traveling in the scorching heat of the afternoon, then this is a must to stay hydrated.

3. Cocoa: Real cocoa is one of the best summer foods for sun protection. Cocoa, as you know, is rich in antioxidants that will protect you against skin cancer. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe your body during summers. Mind you, we are not suggesting that you eat bars of chocolate and bloat up during summer. Real unsweetened cocoa powder mixed with milk and ice is what you need.

4. Green Vegetables: These evergreen foods are there is almost every list of healthy foods. They give you iron, vitamins, minerals, anti aging benefits and guess what, they give you sun protection too. Johns Hopkins University in USA has done an elaborate study on the benefits of broccoli as a sunscreen. According to them 1 serving of broccoli every day can give much more protection against skin cancer than the whole bottle of your sunscreen lotion.

5. Fish: The omega-3 fatty acids present in the fish are not just heart healthy; they are skin friendly too. Fish oil provides maximum protection against the deadliest type of skin cancer, melanoma. So, seafood and fish are good summer foods to prevent a sun stroke.

Your summer health and beauty queries can be answered with these special foods that provide sun protection from within.

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2012, 15:13 [IST]
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