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Is A High Protein Diet Safe?

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High Protein Diet
Most often, you must have heard your friends or colleagues talking about the benefits of a healthy protein diet. A protein diet is absolutely fine if carried on for a short period of time. But why is there a rising debate about the healthiness of these diets? The basic point is that these diets are not nutritionally balanced. They do not comply with the nutrient requirements of our body. Several health problems may arise if one sustains only on a protein diet for long. Let us see the health hazards of a high protein diet.

Rich In Fat- Carbohydrates aid in burning energy and fat. But people on a high protein diet virtually have no carbohydrate intake. Thus the fat intake goes on increasing without any means to burn it up. You are literally deprived from an intake of carbohydrates that give you energy. So choose a diet that has some carbohydrates too and not just proteins.

Nutrient Deficiency- A high protein diet is accompanied with a nutrient deficiency in human bodies. In a protein rich diet most of the other nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are missing. The less intake of dietary fibre can also cause diseases like constipation and diverticulitis. Not only that a complete cut from all other nutrients also gives rise to many nutrient deficiency diseases in the human body.

Leads To Diseases- A high protein diet is the root cause to many ailments like heart diseases, osteoporosis, kidney stones, diabetes, cancer etc. According to Mayo Clinic the excessive consumption of proteins may also lead to kidney damage. The breakdown of proteins produces a chemical called Ketones. Excess presence of Ketones in the body affects the kidney function. Our body has trouble in eliminating all the waste products of protein metabolism. High in cholesterol and saturated fats, a high protein diet causes more harm to the body than good.

Diet Lose Myth- It is a myth that a protein diet aids weight loss. A high protein diet is good only if the choices are made wisely. Good choices include fish, lean beef, skinless chicken, pork and low fat dairy products. Only a balanced diet rich in all essential nutrients is good for health. So consult your doctor before embarking upon a diet and plan your meal choices accordingly.

Balance is the only key to healthy living. Only a healthy protein diet is not enough, choose your foods from all the nutrient groups to stay fit and healthy.

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