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Are Indian Foods Healthy?

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People in different parts of India have subscribed to different food habits. But the staple food habits from one state to the other do not vary much. For example, the majority of all Indian diets consists of whole cereals like rice, wheat, jowar and bajra. Indian food also incorporates a lot of vegetables as a part of its diet. And for the non vegetarians there is of course eggs, fish, chicken and mutton. Indian food is high in nutrition content. But still many a times questions have been raised whether or not Indian food is healthy? Let us go through the common Indian meal and find out if Indian food is healthy?

Rice, Rotis Or Idli- All these Indian foods are healthy. They are primarily steamed or baked and have a very low calorie content. All are rich in carbohydrates and are an ideal option as a main course dish. Carbohydrates is needed for the formation of glucose in our blood that gives us energy. Glucose is also known as blood sugar.

Indian Food

But, if you consume the same in larger proportions and do not exercise to break down the food, then it can lead to an increase in the blood sugar levels. That is why India is also called the Diabetes capital of the world. So, have these foods in smaller proportions to mark them in the list of healthy foods. Consort to healthy eating and avoid having them with butter or ghee as they will add to the unhealthy practices.

Vegetables- Vegetables are an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Indian food is very high in nutrition as it includes at least one serving of vegetables in every meal. But, preservation of the nutrition value in the food depends largely on the way you cook. To have these Indian foods in a healthy way do not deep fry and try using low fat oils for cooking.

Pulses- Having pulses in a meal is considered to be another healthy eating practice in India. Pulses are high in protein content and an excellent supplement for vegetarians in place of eggs, meat and fish. They are steamed and then cooked in very little oil and spices, thus preserving the maximum food value.

Meat, Eggs and Fish- All these is there in the 'must-have list' of almost all non-vegetarians as they are high in proteins. But, it is advisable to avoid red meat as they may even lead to heart diseases or cancer. Also an over consumption of such high protein foods may lead to obesity.

So, almost all Indian foods are high in nutrition. But you just have to abide by the restraints to keep these Indian foods healthy while consumption.

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