7 Immune Boosting Superfoods For A Healthy You

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Whatever may be the season, keeping your immune system strong all through the year is very important.

Imagine, if you could cut back on all the sick leaves you have taken in a year then how many days you could have saved for your vacations?

Hence, having a strong immunity level is important to prevent diseases. It helps in defending the body against the bacteria and viruses that affect our system.

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Other than maintaining hygiene, one of the best ways to boost the immune system is to take care of the food that you eat. Also if you want to know how yoga helps in boosting the immune system then click here.

Nutrient-rich foods that help in guarding the body against the deadly diseases and infections should be a part of one's daily diet.

When the immune system is weak, the germs and the viruses can easily affect the body and make you sick frequently.

Listed here are a few of the superfoods that help to boost the immune system.

Foods To Boost The Immune System:


1. Citrus Fruits

Remember, whenever the season changed and winter started setting in, our moms would insist on having citrus fruits like oranges, berries, etc.

This is because citrus fruits increase your immunity and guard you against cough and cold. Vitamin C (which these fruits are rich in) is generally known for improving your immune system and being good for your respiratory problems.


2. Garlic

It is only fair to call garlic a superfood. It is a vegetable, with herbal properties and used as a spice. It contains many vital nutrients.

It has cancer-fighting properties and is also effective against cold and allergies. Garlic has the chemical called allicin which is a great fighter of germs. It can fight off any kind of infection in your body.


3. Yogurt

If you see a slide of yogurt smear under a microscope, you will think you have been eating live germs that are multiplying by the second!

But actually this is probiotic bacteria, basically meaning good bacteria that will make your stomach stronger to fight against food-related infections.


4. Shellfish

Not just any fish but shellfish found in the sea, like oysters and shrimps are rich in a chemical called selenium.

It helps by boosting the immune-producing white blood cells and it is one of the best anti-inflammatory nutrients available to you.


5. Barley And Oats

If you want to boost your immune system then you need to take in fibre-rich foods. Including barley and oats (that are rich in fibre) in your daily diet helps.


6. Tea

Tea, specifically black and green contains L-theanine which is an amino acid that helps to improve the immunity level. Make it a point to drink 2-3 cups of either black or green tea. It helps.


7. Spinach

Green vegetables, like spinach are rich in beta carotene and vitamin C.

Due to these and its antioxidant properties, consuming spinach on a regular basis helps to boost the immune system and builds up the infection-fighting capacity.


8. Nuts

Nuts, specifically almonds contain vitamin E and healthy fat. Eating half a cup of almonds every day helps in building up the immune system and fighting off cold and cough.


9. Ginger

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The compound gingerol contained in ginger is useful in building up the immunity level and in reducing infections like sore throat. It also lowers the cholesterol.


10. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most widely used spices that gives a tinge of yellow colour to your dishes.

The curcumin contained in turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps in boosting the immune system.

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