Foods That Help You Sleep Well

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A good night sleep is something that we all dream of but hardly manage to get. In this stressful world where we are hardly left with any peace, a good sleep is something that you must strive to achieve. Strangely, there are some common foods that helps you to sleep better. If you want to sleep well, include these foods in your dinner menu.

Here are some of the foods that help you to sleep better. Make sure you have these foods at night and not during the daytime or else you will be snoozing all day!

Foods Sleep

Foods To Make You Sleep Well:

1. Banana: Foods rich in carbohydrates are usually good for sleep. It has serotonin and melatonin to create a somnolent haze. On top of that, it also has magnesium that relaxes stressed muscles naturally. So, a banana milkshake is the perfect recipe for you to sleep well.

2. Turkey Meat: Turkey or any kind of poultry meat has ample amounts of tryptophan with amino acid that induces sleep. That explains why we all feel sleepy after having a well cooked roast turkey on Thanksgiving. While turkey is a good food to get sleep at night, avoid turkey sandwiches at work if you do not want to snooze after your lunch.

3. Warm Milk: Mothers and grandmothers have always known the secret of good sleep before science discovered it. That is why a staple glass of warm milk was placed into your hands before bed. Milk has tryptophan which induces sleep. Other than that, it has a blast of calcium that controls the production of melatonin in the brain. This chemical controls our natural sleep cycles. Moreover, the warmness of the milk has a soothing effect on the senses which makes you drowsy.

4. Potatoes: Just like banana, another carb-rich foods helps you sleep better. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates are also highly gylcemic; meaning, they spike your blood sugar levels. That means, it will make you bloat and increase your blood sugar level, but it does make you drowsy. A plate full of of mashed potatoes (contains milk too) seems to be the most perfect mid-night snack for you.

5. Yogurt: All foods that help you sleep better are fattening. Yogurt for example, is a diet food that gives you good sleep. It has much of the same ingredients as milk but gives you a choice to go low-fat. Choose a diet yogurt that does not make you put on weight as you sleep well.

6. Oatmeal: This food is perfect before going to bed as it contains high amounts of calcium as well as magnesium. Calcium regulates the sleep and waking cycle of the brain. Magnesium on the other hand is a muscle relaxant.

If you want a good mid-night snack, then have some of these foods for a good sleep. After that you can say, good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

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