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Butter Or Cheese? Which Is Healthier?

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Butter or cheese? Which of these would you choose as a bread spread? This is a question is often asked and there are as many opinions as there are people. Some people choose between butter and cheese purely on the basis of taste. While other believe that cheese is healthy and likewise for butter. We know that both these dairy products are fattening. However, the human body requires some fats too!

So let us see which one is a healthier choice, butter or cheese.

Butter & Cheese
  • First of all, lets take a look at how both cheese and butter are made. Cheese is made by coagulating or fermenting milk. Butter on the other hand is made by churning milk. Churning brings out all the fats from the milk. So butter is all fats!
  • Cheese is healthy because it retains the milk proteins even after changing form. That is why cheese is rich in muscle building proteins. However butter is mostly constituted of fats. It has very little amount of proteins.
  • Cheese is rich in calcium too. In short all the effective nutrients of milk are retained in cheese. Butter also contains a certain amount of calcium but it is no where close to cheese.
  • Butter is healthy because it gives you an instant burst of energy. Cheese too is an energy rich food but it will not give you that instant high like butter.
  • Cheese is difficult to digest as compared to butter. This is because cheese has a complex composition. While this may turn off people with digestive problems, it has its own benefits too. As cheese takes more time to digest, it leaves you feeling full; butter can never fill your stomach. Moreover it takes more energy to break down cheese in the stomach so you have a better chance of losing weight while having cheese.
  • Cheese is a much better option for dieters. This is because the percentage of saturated fats in cheese is far lesser compared to butter.
  • Cheese is healthy from the point of view of the heart. This is because the cholesterol content of cheese is much lesser as compared to butter. So if a heart patient has to choose between butter and cheese, he/she should definitely go for the latter.

So between cheese and butter, cheese definitely comes out as the winner. What do you prefer; butter or cheese?

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Story first published: Friday, October 26, 2012, 18:05 [IST]
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