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Top 5 Winter Fruits To Have This Season!

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Winter Fruits
Winter fruits are those fruits that were harvested and eaten during the cold months of the year, mostly November to February. With the revolution in agriculture science and hybrid fruits, fruits are not seasonal anymore. You can find all fruits during all seasons of the year. But that does not take away the special fruit nutrition that can be had from eating special seasonal fruits. These fruits came in a particular season because there was a need for those nutrients to combat the cold.

Here are the top 5 fruits for winter you must have. The colours for the season seem to red and yellow combining to form orange feast.

Top 5 Fruits For Winter:

1. Blood Orange: Oranges and lemons are the staple seasonal fruits for the cold months. This is because of the highly citrus nature of these fruits. In the winters when you are prone to catching cold you need the bonus of Vitamin C that you get from any kind of oranges. The blood orange is a special variety of orange that is unusual but best for the season. It looks like a normal orange from outside but it is seedless and light red in colour from the inside.

2. Pomegranate: We usually ignore this fruit because it has too many seeds and is difficult to eat but there is not another fruit with nutrition so valuable as this one. It has two very special qualities to interest women. Firstly, it has proven anti aging properties for the skin and secondly, it is has folate to stimulate blood production. Indian women who are prone to anemia should keep that in mind.

3. Persimmons: They are not Indian fruits so it is prudent to describe how they look. The colour is yellow going on orange. They are small peach sized fruits with a tough and glossy outer covering. Sweet and sour in taste they are a very good source of protection against common cold infections due to the vitamins and anti inflammatory elements present in them.

4. Cranberries: Berries have numerous health benefits and their nutrition value as winter fruits in hard to calculate accurately. Cranberries in specific are most malleable as they can be had in the form of juice, sauce and crushed pulp. Cranberries are good for your oral health too.

5. Tangerines: Tangerines are the magical fruits that The Beatles talked about in their song 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds'. Tangerines are a shade redder than oranges and slightly bigger. These sweet and sour fruits cannot be peeled, they have to be either sucked after cutting into pieces or squeezed into juice. Unsweetened tangerine juice is great if you are dieting because it has surprisingly low sugar content. It is also advisable for heart patients to have tangerine juice every day because it cleans trans fats and bad cholesterol clogs from the blood.

Make these winter fruits a part of your diet and follow these good health tips.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 11:53 [IST]
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