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Soy Benefits
Soy is the most nutritious known to man. Its benefits have no match for humans and agriculture. The plant's properties is such that it can be grown on the land over and over again. With plenty of proteins, soy is the product for children, adults and even the aged. Today, we will discuss on soy benefits and talk more about isoflavones.

Soy Benefits And Nutritional Information

1. It is proved to be the only natural supplement that can cure chronic diseases like heart, cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems and osteoporosis. It effectively takes care of menopause and PMS symptoms. It is a natural estrogen that reduces the risk of post menopausal disease. Those women who include soy in their daily diet will have reduced chances of suffering from hormonal replacements.

2. Soy protein is the most recommended protein as it is rich in amino acids. For the body development, proteins (essential amino acids) are very highly necessary. Generally, to assimilate protein, the organs like kidney and bones (for calcium) have to work hard. This gradually may lead to bone related and kidney related ailments. Soy delivers calcium that strengthens bones and increases density.

3. Soy is an immune booster. The peptides in soy beans boost immune system and acts like a power shield against diseases. It also contains vitamins and minerals that are rare and are not found in other supplements. It is the best detox and cleans liver. From treating bronchitis to nasal congestion to allergies. Soy benefits even those suffering from respiratory disorders.

4. One of the special nutrient in soy is the antioxidant called isoflavones. The benefits of isoflavones is worth mentioning. It prevents cell damage (cancerous) caused due to free radicals. Isoflavones also prevent aging (premature aging) and reduce the blood cholesterol levels.

5. Soy benefits beauty. It strengthens hair (prevents hair fall) and also prevents aging of skin. The proteins in soy tighten, soften and bring youthful glow to skin. It also improves complexion and will keep a check on body weight (soy slimming diet). The fiber in soy provides a sensation of fullness thus preventing over intake of food. The lecithin in soy improves memory and develops concentration. All in all the best organic food supplement.

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Story first published: Friday, December 16, 2011, 11:31 [IST]
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