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Nutritious Snacks That Can Be Enjoyed With Drink

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Healthy Snacks
It will be shocking for you to know that the snacks, starters and appetizers that are usually enjoyed with the drink (alcohol) are even harmful than the alcoholic beverage. Today, we will discuss on what type of nutritious snacks can be preferred or prepared in the parties. Take a look.

With the bitter drink, one would always order spicy starters that look red hot with lot of salt and spice, that mix with alcohol and disturb the healthy digestive within no time. The artificial colours used to make the manchurian are unhealthy, the ajinomoto that is used to enhance the flavour can even cause cancer so why have such dangerous food items with alcohol and spoil health even more. Here is what you can do the next time you plan to party.

Healthy & Nutritious Snack Ideas With Drink -

1. Breads – Garlic bread, toasted or sandwich bread with less cheese and butter will be crispy nutritious snacks to enjoy. They are non spicy, easily digestible. The healthy snacks contain about 50 calories with 3 g fat, 7 g carbs. and 2 g protein.

2. Salads & Sauteed Vegetables – Just eating chopped vegetables raw itself is the best drink ideas. The nutritious snacks can be sauteed (like brinjal, ladies finger, cabbage, broccoli with little salt and pepper) or grilled in the microwave. The vegetables will taste crispy, soft and best drink ideas as the no oil vegetables provide nutrients like fiber, minerals and folage that is required for compensating with the alcohol fat.

4. Steamed Snacks – Steamed momos with less spicy filling, dhoklas and masala rava idli are far better than the roti, kulcha and naan. The high calorie drink can be had with high calorie breads and oily curries that makes one feel heavy, dizzy and result in indigestion. Steamed foods contain no oil and digest easily. They are non spicy and do not harm the already disturbed tummy.

5. Zero Fat Fritters – The crispy Khakaras contain no fat, cholesterol and carbs. Select any flavoured kakaras and you can be assured of only 50 calories. Khakaras with chopped vegetables is best to eat with snacks.

6. Puffed Rice And vegetables – The light puffed rice contain upto 13 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of fiber per serving. Mixing puffed rice with vitamin rich carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions with little chat masala and salt will make it tastier and a healthy snack.

7. Fruit Bowl – Cut fruits like apples, melons, citrus and berries will also be great low fat foods. Sprinkle little salt with pepper powder, jeera powder or chat masala which will tickle your tongue with tangy taste. The antioxidant and vitamin rich fruits will benefit health and help in easy digestion.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 15, 2011, 14:54 [IST]
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