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How To Beat Snoring Without Medicine Or Surgery?

By Soumik Ghosh
How to stop SNORING permanently | खर्राटों को बंद करने के कारगर उपाय | Boldsky

Continuous snoring throughout the night is keeping you deprived of sound sleep, right? For the sake of your partner or roommate, are you forced to sleep every night on your drawing-room couch? It's high time you initiate measures for fighting this.

You are among the 45 per cent of "normal" adults who snore occasionally or you, at least, are likely to know someone who does. Being the brunt of jokes at family gatherings is just the beginning, but, for some, snoring spouses have often eventually led to sleeping in separate bedrooms. Yes, snoring has been a prominent villain behind real problems in many marriages. That aside, 75 per cent of people who snore are prone to obstructive sleep apnea-a condition wherein breathing is briefly disrupted during sleep-leading to increased risk of myriad heart diseases.


And more dangerously, some of you are self-treating yourself with over-the-counter pills and sprays, to keep snoring at bay. Please be cautious and do check with your doctor, as most of the stop-snoring aids are marketed without any scientific studies to back their claims. Instead, try our natural solutions that are nothing but basic lifestyle changes, to help yourself stop snoring.

1. Shed Those Excess Pounds-It has been proven over and over again that overweight individuals possess a higher tendency of snoring. That happens due to the deposit of fatty tissues in the neck area that often squeezes the respiratory pathways completing the victim to breathe with more stress. Result: a vibrating sound.

The moment you shed a few pounds with the help of a proper diet and exercise regime, your frequency and intensity of snoring will demonstrate remarkable differences.

2. Preparing Your Own Homemade Saline Nasal Solution-Sometimes cold, allergic rhinitis or sinus infections causes snoring, too! They lead to swelling of the inner linings of nasal membranes, causing vibration of your soft palate.


To get rid of these, you can prepare a simple nasal solution right at your home. It's free from side effects and can reduce the inflammation, as well. Simply add a hint of salt in half cup of boiled water and store the solution in a bottle. You have to put 2 drops of it in each nostril using a dropper at bedtime for a few weeks. You'll soon notice the difference.

3. Performing A Few Basic Exercises-You don't mind doing a couple of facial exercises daily if we tell you that they work on the targeted muscles to gradually reduce your snoring? These exercises would help you in strengthening those jaw, throat as well as tongue muscles.

A. Protrude your lower jaw keeping your teeth exposed for 10 seconds. Try this several times a day.

B. Keep your tongue straight and outstretch it as much as you can. Then move it sideways, brushing the edges of your lips. Doing this a couple of times every day ensures that your tongue remains straight.

Everytime you hit the bed, adjust the pillows such that your head is slightly elevated. Try sleeping on your sides; lying on your back triggers snoring.

4. Try Out The Age-old Thyme Oil-Thyme oil and its astonishing antiviral, antiparasitic and antifungal properties are known to mankind since ages. It's just that we haven't been able to effectively tap into its healing properties. And above all, it has a profound calming effect that ensures quality sleep.

Add either a few drops to your humidifier or try massaging the bottom of your feet with it. If you're not diluting it with any carrier oil, don't use more than 2 drops. Pregnant women and those with hypertension, please note that it's recommended for you all to replace thyme with eucalyptus or peppermint oil.

5. Keep A Vaporizer Or Humidifier Handy-Sometimes dry air can be one of the biggest catalysts to snoring as it's really harsh on your nasal membranes and throat. However, to address this particular issue, you can install a humidifier in your bedroom which will moisten the air. You can even add a few drops of rosemary or peppermint oil to your humidifier.

If the snoring still persists consult a doctor, and try the decongestants and antihistamines prescribed by him to deal with your congestion and allergies while keeping your nasal passages clear. Steam inhalation (for a couple of minutes) before going to sleep may also fetch good relief.

6. Avoid Alcohol-Alcohol reduces the resting tone of the muscles located in the back of your throat. Drinking alcohol four to five hours before sleep makes you more prone to snoring. People, who don't generally snore, tends to snore after drinking alcohol.

7. Stay Well-hydrated-There's no alternative: you've got to drink plenty of fluids. When you're dehydrated, secretions in your soft palate become stickier and that creates more snoring. Men require about 16 cups of total water from all drinks and food in a day.

8. Nasal Dilators-Nasal dilators are usually worn inside the nostrils that allow air to smoothly pass to the lungs. If you have a blocked nose and you're having difficulty breathing, the nasal dilator can keep your nostrils open throughout the night until you actually take it out.

Nasal dilators are very helpful for people who suffer from snoring problems as a result of nasal congestion and sinus issues. Putting it on while you're sleeping can reduce habitual snoring along with the complications of having obstructed nostrils. You should try using a nasal dilator before turning to surgery as a solution. Also unlike nasal sprays, with nasal dilator, you are not exposed to harmful chemicals like steroids.

Overall, the key lies in getting enough good sleep, sleeping on your side, avoiding alcohol before bedtime and taking a hot shower or inhaling steam if nasal passages are clogged. These are a few simple yet magical practices that can bring in huge differences in reducing snoring.

Then again, you always have nasal dilators just a click away. It's less troublesome in comparison to CPAP therapy. You can purchase a nasal dilator from a medicine counter or any online store.

For chronic snoring issues don't delay in seeing a doctor. If you have any question or suggestion for us, please feel free to drop in your comments right below.s

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