What Salt & Olive Oil Can Do To Your Neck & Knee Pain; Find Out Here

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Are you having constant back pain, neck pain, knee pain or pain in the muscles? The pain gets so severe at times that it affects your daily activities and it goes on to restrict your movement as well. So, how do we get rid of such pains?

If you are one of the sufferers and looking out for the best way to get rid of the pain then you should try this salt and olive oil mixture; it helps to cure the pain.

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You might have tried several medications that are available over the counter or painkillers to get immediate relief from the pain. Well this might provide instant relief but if you are looking out for long term pain relief then salt and olive oil should definitely be the first option now.

All that you require are these two ingredients:

1. Salt:

how to cure pain with salt and olive oil

Salt is a rich source of minerals like potassium and magnesium. It helps in reducing stress and balances the calcium level in the body, thus helping in strengthening the bones and in easing the pain. It also helps in relieving water retention as well.

2. Olive Oil:

how to cure pain with salt and olive oil

Olive Oil on the other hand contains a compound - oleocanthal that blocks the inflammation and thus helps ease the pain.

how to cure pain with salt and olive oil

Method to prepare:

Take about 10 tablespoons of best quality salt.

Take about 12-15 teaspoons of olive oil (preferably virgin olive oil)

Mix the two ingredients in a glass jar and then seal the container.

Keep this for two days under normal temperature.

Now the mixture is ready for use.

how to cure pain with salt and olive oil

Direction to use:

Once you wake up in the morning, take a bit of this mixture and then apply it on the affected area.

Gently rub it for about 2-3 minutes. Slowly increase it by 2-3 minutes on a daily basis to a a maximum of a 20-minute massage.

Rub off the area with a clean soft towel. After applying if you see any rashes appearing, then sprinkle some mild baby powder.

Within 10-15 days, you can see the difference and the pain will slowly wear off.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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