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This Mixture Prevents Cancer!

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Cancer is deadly! And it kills sooner or later. Prevention is always better as cure may or may not be able to save someone suffering from cancer.

Cancer cells need sugar. This remedy involves using honey. There are many types of cancers. And most of them can be curbed if the growth of cancer cells is curbed.

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Also, as cancer cells thrive in acidic environments, we use baking soda in this remedy and reduce the intake of substances that keep the environment acidic. Here is the remedy that may prevent cancer.



You will need 3 tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of baking soda. Use organic pure honey that is free of additives.



Mix the above ingredients in a bowl till you derive a paste. Slightly heat it up for a couple of minutes on very low flame.

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Consume one teaspoon of this mixture after breakfast, another teaspoon after lunch and another after dinner.


For How Long?

Do it consistently for a month. Don't give even a single day of gap during the 30 days.

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Other Steps

During the whole month, stay away from refined flours, sugary products and even meat. Don't eat outside as you may not be able to know about the ingredients used in your dish.


How Does It Help?

This mixture is said to prevent cancer and curb the growth of cancer cells. However, consult your doctor before trying this remedy.

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About The Ingredients

Honey is considered as a natural anti-cancer substance. Baking soda keeps the internal environment of your body alkaline.

The effectiveness of honey is not totally explored or understood scientifically. But current research opines that the anti-tumour-necrosis factor, anti-inflammatory action and antioxidant nature of honey may help.

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