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This One Ancient Herb Helps Cure 10 Health Problems, Check It Out!

By Rima Chowdhury

Tulsi, "the queen of herbs", is regarded as the most sacred and holy herb used in India. Tulsi has been in India for more than 5000 years and it has proved its efficiency in treating several skin, hair and health-related issues.

The extract found from tulsi leaves is known to treat various diseases including cold, cough, sore throat and fever. To know more about the amazing health benefits of tulsi, continue reading.

According to Ayurveda, tulsi can help to treat common ailments, it can strengthen the immune system, fight against bacterial infection in the body and also help to combat skin and hair problems.

So, here are some of the health benefits of tulsi leaves.


1. Treats Kidney Stones

Due to a lot of antioxidants present in tulsi, it can help to strengthen the kidney and prevent kidney stones. Ayurveda remedies suggest that consuming tulsi juice every day with honey can help to melt kidney stones and flush them out through the urinary tract. Also, tulsi is a detoxifying agent that can help to reduce the uric acid level in the body, which is the primary reason behind the occurrence of kidney stones.


2. Helps To Protect The Heart

Due to a powerful antioxidant component called Eugenol, tulsi leaves help to protect your heart. It helps to protect your heart by keeping the level of blood pressure under control and also by lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. If you are suffering from any heart ailments, chewing a few tulsi leaves on an empty stomach every day can help to treat them easily.


3. Helps To Beat Cancer

Due to anti-carcinogenic properties and a high amount of antioxidants found in tulsi, it can help to cure cancer in a person. According to studies, including tulsi in the everyday routine has shown positive benefits in treating breast and oral cancers, which is generally caused by tobacco. Due to compounds in tulsi, it also prevents the free radicals from attacking the body and tissues, thus keeping you healthy. In order to maintain your body strong and healthy, drink one glass of tulsi juice every day.


4. Treats Several Stomach-related Issues

There are many people who often suffer from gastric problems, stomach ulcer, bloating, etc. Tulsi leaves can help to cure problems like stomach ulcers, acidity, constipation, etc. It prevents bloating of the stomach and also helps to strengthen the digestive tract. Take one spoon of tulsi juice, mix some honey and drink it every day.


5. Helps Control Diabetes

Due to high antioxidants present in tulsi, it helps to curb the level of sugar in the human body. Chewing few tulsi leaves in the morning on an empty stomach or drinking tulsi juice can help to control the sugar level in the body, thus preventing diabetes. Overconsumption of tulsi leaves may also lead to a sudden or drastic drop in the body's sugar level.


6. Helps To Get Rid Of The Bad Breath

Dealing with bad breath can be a serious issue because it can often lead to embarrassing situations. It can ruin your self-confidence and hence it should be treated as soon as possible. Chewing a few tulsi leaves can help to get rid of the bad breath and also keep your mouth fresh all day long. Chewing tulsi leaves is also good for the teeth and gums, as it prevents bacterial infection to take place inside the mouth.


7. Helps To Cure Fever And Cold Problems

Due to medicinal properties in tulsi, it is known to cure fever and cold problems easily. Consuming tulsi juice every day can help to keep your immune system strong, thus preventing one from the risk of contracting malaria and dengue fever. Also, tulsi leaves have antibacterial properties that help protect your body from all the infections.


8. Treats Eye Disorder

Tulsi juice is an effective remedy that can help to treat eye disorders in a person, which is generally due to lack of Vitamin A. Basil leaves can prove to be effective in soothing the eye and preventing stress as well. It can help to protect your eyes from any infection, boils, conjunctivitis, etc., which is generally caused by bacterial infection. Chewing tulsi leaves can help to ward off all the eye infection caused by bacteria. Also, it proves to be an effective remedy in treating night blindness and sore eyes.


9. Beats Stress

According to a study, Tulsi plays a major role in maintaining a normal level of anti-stress hormones in the body. Due to anti-stress agents found in tulsi leaves, it can help to boost blood circulation in the body, which beats free radicals, thus preventing stress in a person.


10. Relief From A Headache

Tulsi leaves are considered to be of great use for headaches. Due to medicinal properties present in tulsi, it helps to relieve headaches easily. Add some tulsi leaves to boiling water in a large pot. Now cover your head with the help of a towel and breathe the steam in for 5-10 minutes.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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