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This Natural Combination Of Lemon & Parsley Can Do This To Your Body

Did you know that the combination of lemon and parsley can do some incredible wonders for your body. Parsley is an excellent ally for your health.

It is a very rich source of vitamins C, A and K that are recommended to be consumed during cold and flu.

Parsley is known to be an excellent tool in removing harmful substances from the body and also in boosting a proper blood circulation in the body.

natural remedies to lower cholesterol

If we add lemon juice to this combination, then the result will be a miracle potion that reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Here are the ingredients that you require for this recipe.

1.5 litres of water
3 bunches of parsley
1 kg of lemon
Baking soda

natural remedies to lower cholesterol

Rub the unpeeled lemon with baking soda to clean the bark well. Boil some water and leave it to cool off. Cut the lemons into slices and chop up the parsley. Blend it if you have a blender and add some cold water to it.

Let this mixture sit in the refrigerator for one day. After that, pour the mixture into a glass jar or bottle. Drink 100 ml of water every day, 30 minutes before any meal.

natural remedies to lower cholesterol

Lemon juice can help reduce the high cholesterol levels in the body. Lemons are good sources of vitamin C that will reduce the amount of lipids and cholesterol in the blood. Researchers have found that the administration of moderate-to-high doses of vitamin C may protect one against hypertension.

Parsley is a great source of antioxidants such as flavonoids and vitamin C. These two biomolecules help in increasing the antioxidant capacity of the blood vessels. This herb helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and also in getting rid of the free radicals from the blood vessels.

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    Story first published: Sunday, October 29, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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