10 Herbs That Heal 10 Health Issues

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Most of the herbs that you use in kitchen have healing properties. Some of your kitchen ingredients like parsley, rosemary, dill, oregano, basil and even curry powder have some properties that can heal minor health issues.

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If you are suffering from cough, instead of consuming cough syrup, try rosemary. When you are infected with harmful intestinal bacteria, try using dill.

This way, here are some simple remedies for some minor health issues. All ingredients are found in your kitchen.



Rosemary contains eucalyptol. It can help your body expel phlegm and also relieve chest congestion. It can also cure sore throat as it contains tannins that are inti-inflammatory in nature. You can consume it with potatoes, white beans or chicken dishes.


Intestinal Bacteria

Dill contains limonene. It kills intestinal bacteria including E coli. It tastes good with eggs, chicken, fish, carrots, cucumbers.


Joint Pains

Curry powder has turmeric in it. It can effectively reduce inflammation. You can consume it along with rice, lentils, spinach and cauliflower.



Ginger contains gingerol which can reduce nausea. You can add it to your recipes or consume it as ginger eta.


Menstrual Cramps

Oregano contains carvacrol and thymol. They help in relaxing the uterine muscles and thereby prevent the pain.

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Consume a teaspoon of oregano during the days of menstruation. You can add it to tomato sauce or eat it along with fish fry.



Cilantro contains carboxylic acid. This ingredient helps your body flush out heavy metals and toxins that cause fatigue. You can consume it with fish, avocados and black beans.


Sinus Congestion

We all know that cayenne contains capsaicin. This compound can relieve sinus congestion. You can eat it with rice, green veggies, eggs, beans, soups and sandwiches.


Stomach Cramps

Mint leaves have menthol which can provide relief from spasms in the intestines. You can eat it along with tomatoes, green peas or even warm beverages.

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Bloated Stomach

Parsely contains myristicin and apiol. It can reduce the bloated feeling. You can consume it along with rice, onions, pasta, tomatoes and salads.

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Basil contains rosemarinic acid and eugenol. These compounds boost serotonin and dopamine. When you're feeling low, basil can help you feel good. You can consume it with tomatoes pasta and pizza too.

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