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    Tried & Tested Home Remedy That Reduces Constipation!

    Are you finding it difficult to pass stools with ease, lately? If yes, then there is an excellent home remedy that can help provide relief from constipation and reduce it.

    Waiting every morning, trying hard to pass stools can make you late for work, school, etc. Not to mention that fact that it can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

    Home Remedy That Reduces Constipation!

    So, constipation is an ailment that can come in the way of your daily activities, not to mention, the fact that it can make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

    Constipation occurs when your faeces harden and as a result, you find it extremely difficult to pass stools.

    The causes for constipation could be many like dehydration, a poor diet, acidity, indigestion, inactive lifestyle, stress, certain medications, colon cancer, piles, etc.

    Some of the main symptoms of constipation include having trouble passing stools, stomach pain, gastritis, swollen abdomen, pain in the rectum, nausea, vomiting, etc.

    Many people resort to taking harmful laxatives in order to find relief from constipation.

    So, here is a simple home remedy that can help reduce constipation.

    Home Remedy That Reduces Constipation!

    Ingredients Required :

    • Chia Seeds - 2 teaspoons
    • Honey - 1 teaspoon

    This natural remedy to help treat constipation works exceptionally well, when taken on a regular basis.

    Along with taking this remedy, one must also eat a lot of fibrous foods and exercise on a regular basis, to further reduce constipation.

    Chia seeds are rich in fibre content that can flush out all the waste accumulated in your intestines in order to reduce constipation.

    Honey contains certain enzymes that can lubricate your intestines, in order to make the passage of stools easier.

    Home Remedy That Reduces Constipation!

    Method Of Preparation :

    • Add the suggested amounts of ingredients in a bowl.
    • Stir well to form a mixture.
    • Consume this mixture, every morning, before breakfast, for at least a month.

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