Simple Natural Remedies To Use Instead Of Painkillers!

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Are you someone who frantically looks for painkillers the minute you experience some kind of a body pain? If yes, then may be you should consider natural alternatives to reduce pain!

As we may already know, taking painkillers frequently can put our health at a serious risk, as painkillers can be infused with strong, harmful chemicals that can be pretty harsh on our body.

However, most of us are so used to taking painkillers for an instant relief from pain that we tend to forget about the much safer, natural alternatives.

It is quite understandable that people resort to taking painkillers, as sometimes, body pain can be quite excruciating!

Pain can affect any part of the body, both internally and externally, and is usually caused by an infection, inflammation or injury.

Imagine you are having an unbearable headache and you have to attend an important meeting, you feel like you have no choice but to take a painkiller.

At that time, you do not realise the extent of harm painkillers are causing to your health and body.

So, here is a list of natural remedies you can use instead of painkillers to help reduce pain, have a look.

natural ways to reduce pain

1. Turmeric

natural ways to reduce pain

By using turmeric as a part of your diet or by applying it to the problem area, you can get rid of the pain naturally, as turmeric is a powerful ingredient with natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

2. Ginger

natural ways to reduce pain

Another effective natural painkiller is ginger, which a common kitchen ingredient that is best to treat pain related to the digestive system like stomach pain, chest pain and even arthritis-related joint pain.

3. Clove Oil

natural ways to reduce pain

A natural way to reduce tooth pain and even headache is to apply a few drops of clove oil on the problem area and gently massage it. Clove oil comes with an analgesic property that can ease away the pain effectively.

4. Chilly

natural ways to reduce pain

Yes, you read that right, chillies, especially raw, red chillies can decrease the production of a compound known as substance P, which is responsible for the pain signals sent to the brain, thus reducing pain.

5. Water

natural ways to reduce pain

Water is one of the best and oldest natural remedies for pain known to mankind. Water can hydrate the cells and muscles in order to reduce inflammation and swelling, thus easing away pain.

6. Acupuncture

natural ways to reduce pain

Another natural way to reduce pain is to go in for acupuncture sessions to a professional. In this method, thin needles are inserted into the skin, in order to reduce inflammation and pain.

7. Exercise

natural ways to reduce pain

Yet another natural painkiller can be exercising, as a hormone called endorphin is released in the body when we exercise; and endorphins are extremely effective in reducing pain naturally.

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Story first published: Friday, October 7, 2016, 14:41 [IST]
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