Effective Ways To Treat Urinary Bladder Cancer

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Cancer is a disease that comes crawling slowly into our lives and leaves a deep impact. One of these is urinary bladder cancer. Most urinary bladder cancers are not diagnosed until they have become noticeably widespread.

Invasive cancers can spread over the urinary bladder wall into nearby organs like the prostate gland in men, the vaginal wall in women, the bowel or lymph nodes. Urinary bladder cancer is a lot more common among men than women. In women, the cancer is found to spread fast to the uterus and ovaries along with other parts of the reproductive system.

effective ways to treat urinary bladder cancer

Cancers confined to the interior lining of the urinary bladder are called superficial and comprise eighty percent of all urinary bladder cancers. Cancers which have spread into the bladder wall are called deep bladder cancer and those that have spread to lymph nodes and distantly to lungs, liver or other organs are referred to as metastatic.

effective ways to treat urinary bladder cancer

While the exact causes of all urinary bladder cancers are unknown, certain exposures are firmly connected to its growth. Smoking has been confirmed as one of the causes. Chemicals in the environment, radiation treatment, exposure to asbestos, etc. have been found to cause bladder cancer.

The grade of the cancer is most likely the most crucial predictor of treatment for urinary bladder cancers. Urinary bladder cancer is treated with the help of surgery most of the time. Along with it, chemotherapy is given before and after the surgery in order to kill the cancer cells.

effective ways to treat urinary bladder cancer

Radiation therapy is another way in which urinary bladder cancer may be treated. High- energy rays or X-rays are given before or after the surgery along with chemotherapy in order to treat urinary bladder cancer.

Immunotherapy is another way in which bladder cancer may be treated. In this process, the body's immune system is strengthened in order to fight urinary bladder cancer.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 23, 2016, 14:01 [IST]
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