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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Menstrual Pain

By Ajanta Sen

Menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon that every girl has to face in her life. It starts at the age of 12-15 years and continues till the age of 45-50 years.

Beginning of the menstrual cycle also means the start of the breeding capacity of a girl. Obviously, every girl and her parents would like her to get through the process without much trouble, as it can lead to some serious consequences later on.

If a girl does not get her menstrual cycle smooth and regular, then there remains a doubt in the fact if she could ever become a mother or not.

As becoming a mother of at least one child is the dream for any girl, so it is natural that girls will wish to have a smooth experience with this natural phenomena.

Even if girls have smooth and regular menstrual periods, there can be a chance for them to be getting severe pain in the stomach and in the lower abdominal area of the body during these days.

Usually, this pain starts with the approaching of the date, and continues through those four-five days. However, the pain ceases gradually after the period gets over.

Medically, the pain continues through the process till the egg is created and released from the ovary and travels down to the Fallopian tube. The emotional stress often has a role to play in the story, as it increases the pain further.

Many things have been said about the possible remedies to get rid of menstrual pain. You can go through the information that helps a girl know details on how to get rid of menstrual pain.

Most of these remedies may or may not work for everyone, so women need to know and find out the best ways of how to get rid of menstrual pain. Following are some of the reliable remedies to get rid of menstrual pain, do take a look.

Use Drumstick Leaves:

Among all the possible remedies to get rid of menstrual pain, drumstick leaves are believed to be the most trusted ones. You must consume drumstick leaves right before the time your menstrual cycle approaches closer. These leaves have the capacity to enhance the flow of blood in the abdominal area. This results in relaxing of the muscles around the lower abdomen area, and it reduces the pain to a great extent.

Drink More Water:

Water works as an antioxidant to release cramps in the abdominal area. Moreover, it creates more urine that flushes out the toxins, which cause pain for a longer period.

Take Comfort Foods:

Food is important, but you should avoid fatty foods that are not good for the body in any case. Avoid potato chips, oily food items and doughnuts, as they are not good to be consumed during the menstrual days. Instead, you should eat food that is rich in fibre and low in fat. Such food can be better for the body, especially in reducing menstrual pain.

Take Mild Painkillers:

Though painkillers are not good for the body, still you can take some mild painkiller, preferably paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen. These painkillers can be taken as per prescription, preferably given by a gynaecologist. Make sure you do not develop a habit of taking painkillers every month. It cannot yield a good impact on the body.

Apply Heat Compression:

If the pain persists through a longer period, then you should apply compression heat to the lower abdominal area. This can bring about some relief to the pain instantly, or even permanently for the month.

You can perform exercises, go for a morning walk, or even get some messages on a regular basis to get rid of the menstrual pain. Hence, these are the best ways of how you can get rid of menstrual pain.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 6, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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