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8 Healing Superfoods To Cure Throat Pain

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Throat pain is one of the health conditions that can strike you at any time during any season.

The severity of pain could range from a slight discomfort to extremely excruciating pain that can be unbearable at times. Either ways, it is highly annoying to deal with.

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Throat pain is mainly caused by bacterial or viral infection, or in some cases common cold. Yet, in certain cases, it could be an indication of a more severe problem.

There is a long list of antibiotics and over-the-counter medicines that can cure the dreaded throat pain.

But, as Hippocrates rightly said, "let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food". We too strongly believe that before you take pills, it is better to try the natural remedies.

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In this article, we at Boldsky have listed for you the most effective 8 superfoods to cure throat pain.

This tried and tested list of superfoods consists of foods that are packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which treat throat pain naturally.

Have a look at these:



Garlic is packed with antibacterial and antiviral properties. Instead of going for over-the-counter antibiotics, opt for this natural antibiotic to soothe throat pain.


2. Ginger And Honey Tea:

This traditional tea is excellent for soothing a throat pain. The power ingredients of this tea effectively fight off an infection, reduce inflammation and treat the resultant pain.


3. Chicken Soup:

This age-old remedy to cure throat pain is delicious and is highly effective. Known for its nutritional benefits and healing powers, just a bowl of chicken soup can treat the root cause of the throat pain.


4. Oranges:

Oranges are great for dealing with viral infections, which are mostly responsible for throat pain. Drink orange juice if you're having a hard time swallowing any food for effective results.


5. Bananas:

Banana is yet another superfood that is abundant with health benefits, especially for treating a throat pain. It is soft, easy to swallow and replete with vitamins.


6. Scrambled Eggs:

Scrambled eggs are a rich source of protein and it is an incredible superfood to relieve throat pain. While making them, it is highly advised to make them bland, don't add a lot of spice, as it might worsen the condition.


7. Mushrooms:

Throat pain is often caused by common cold and viral infections. In order to get rid of the throat pain, it is imperative to cure the underlying cause. This can be done by having mushrooms. They are packed with essential nutrients and antibacterial properties that will cure the cause and relieve you off the excruciating throat pain.


8. Sage:

The last superfood in the list is abundant with healing properties for soothing the throat pain. You can have sage tea or add it to your soup. The choice is yours! In either case, sage is great for fighting the infection and relieving the pain.

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