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7 Ways To Cure Viral Arthritis

By Debdatta Mazumder

Before curing any kind of disease you need to know what the disease is and what kind of effects it has on your body. Viral arthritis is no exception to that. What is viral arthritis? It is a disease which cause joint pain, inflexibility, discomfort and swelling in the joints. Wondering that are the tips to cure viral arthritis? Read on, to know more.

This disease happens due to the viral attack like bacteria or viruses. How this bug enters your body? The virus can be spread over the blood stream from other parts of body or through any wounds or surgery.

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How do you know that you are the victim of viral arthritis? Joint pain and swelling is a common symptom of it. Other than that you may have fever and a feeling of cold. Skin rashes are also a symptom of the disease.

Basically, this ailment mainly affects your knee. Your fingers and toes can also face it in forms of bite. So, how to cure viral arthritis? For that you need important tips to cure viral arthritis.

To prevent the enemy you must prepare yourself with proper arms. When the enemy attacks you must give a tight fight to win it. So, you must put an end to enemy like viral arthritis by knowing the tips to cure viral arthritis


1. Proper Medication

How to cure viral arthritis? Basically, viral arthritis is a disease that can be cured by proper and systematic medication. The drugs that are effective result on viral arthritis are mainly analgesics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


2. Vaccination

Tips to cure viral arthritis must include this. It is always better to take appropriate precaution than prevention. You definitely want to prevent such kind of disease. So, consult your physician and take proper vaccines for it. Your doctor will tell you about the courses of vaccination.


3. Hot Or Cold Packs

On doctor's recommendation you can apply hot or cold packs on the joint inflammation and redness. It can give you certain relief from the pain. But don't do anything without consulting doctor.


4. Stop Or Have Safe Sex

One of the most important tips to cure viral arthritis. Viral arthritis is of different kinds. One is known as Gonococcal arthritis. By preventing gonorrhea, you can protect yourself from this type of ailment. In that case, physicians suggest not having sex or have clean and safe sex.


5. Surgery

How to cure viral arthritis if it has reached to serious stage? To reconstruct the joint you may go through a surgery. But in case of gonorrhea or viral infection, surgery is not needed.


6. Cleanliness

To take protection against viral arthritis, you need to maintain proper cleanliness in your life. Always wash your hands and feet with disinfectants after coming home. Make your children practice the good habit from beginning.


7. Proper Education

Knowing the details of a disease always help to take correct safety measures. So, it will be the right thing to know and also aware your children from the causes, symptoms and treatment procedure of viral arthritis.

So, here are some tips to cure viral arthritis that can help you for the purpose. One thing you must remember, self-diagnosis can make the problem worse. So, if you are having any symptoms, consult doctors. Maybe those are for other reasons. But only physicians can advice you the correct thing to do according to your problems.

Story first published: Thursday, March 26, 2015, 22:31 [IST]
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