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Foods To Avoid When You Have Chicken Pox


Summer season is around the corner and one of the deadliest and contagious diseases which can affect you is chicken pox. This disease which is caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV) affects anyone, no matter what age you are in. Children are the most affected because of their weak immunity. However, if you have a weak immunity as an adult, and if you have never contracted the disease earlier in your childhood, you can be affected too, if you come in close contact with an infected patient.

The disease which causes a blister-like rash on your body is accompanied with itching, tiredness, and fever making your whole body weak. The blister-like rash first appears on the trunk, face and spreads over the entire body with over 250 and 500 blisters.


During this period of 10 to 12 days of incubation, there are some foods to avoid when you have the chickenpox. These foods should be avoided since it will make you itch more and make you feel all the more worse. Therefore, make sure you do not consume these foods at any cost.

Take a look at some of the foods you should avoid when you have chickenpox ( Do share it with those you know who have been affected with the disease)


Diary Products

All sorts of diary products. Stay away from milk, cheese, ice cream and butter. Consuming dairy products when you have chickenpox will make your skin oily.



Meats are heat induced foods. You should avoid any type of meat when you have chickenpox so that your body remains cool from the inside to lessen the infection.


Junk Food

Junk food is a complete no when you have chickenpox. It will only aggravate the situation, making you feel heavy and sick. A bland diet is a must.


Fried Food

Too much of oil consumption is a no when you have chickenpox. Avoid foods which are deep fried and contain too much of oil.


Citrus Foods

One of the foods to avoid when you have chickenpox is citrus foods. Oranges, lemons are two of the foods which will cause an acidic reaction irritating the blisters making you itch more.


Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are to be avoided when you have chickenpox. The reason being, spice leads to chest burn and inflammation, making you feel uncomfortable during this period.


Salty Foods

One of the foods to avoid when you have chickenpox is salty foods. Salt preservative foods aggravate the blisters, causing you to itch more and leave behind terrible scars.


Acidic Foods

Your body needs to be cool from within when you have chickenpox. Acidic foods like coffee and chocolate irritate the lesions making you itch more.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 6:26 [IST]