5 Common Signs Of Depression

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Depression is amongst the most common health disorders, especially in this current age of overburdening stress and strain. A mental disorder that affects many people at least once in their lifetime, depression can be combated and surmounted if the right approach is made. There are several signs that indicate the onset of depression. Although these signs can indicate the onset of depression, not everyone who experiences the below mentioned signs is suffering from the disorder. Also, not everyone who is undergoing depression a phase of depression experiences the below mentioned symptoms. Going by this, Here are 5 common signs of depression:

5 Common Signs Of Depression

1. A protracted sad or empty mood:

Although this happens to most of us, just because we experience sad moods for long, doesn't mean we are actually experiencing a phase of depression. If sad or empty moods persist for long, it might be a probable sign of depression. You must Evaluate why you are feeling sad or empty during the periods when you are. If you don't find any obvious reason, it might be a case of depression.

2. A pronounced pessimism:

A lot of us feel pessimistic about many a thing in life. In this case though, the pessimism more pronounced. It might seem like a loss of hope, although circumstances might seem quite normal. Once again, it is important to evaluate and determine the cause for pessimism. If no obvious cause is arrived at, it can be a sign of depression.

3. Anxiety:

Anxiety is a phase very commonly experienced by most individuals at one time or another in their lives. If you are experiencing a phase of depression, your anxiety will no no bounds. You will mostly experience heightened anxiety about the future and what the future holds for you. If your anxiety doesn't seem to have an obvious reason, it might be the indication of the onset of depression.

4. A loss of energy and feeling of fatigue

If this symptom is accompanied by the above mentioned signs, it could be a probable sign of depression. During the phase, a person generally experiences an augmented degree of fatigue along with incomprehensible anxiety. Anxiety along with a general loss of fatigue is a probable sign of depression. Insomnia can also be a sign of depression

5. Extreme Restlessness, thoughts of suicide

This is a sign that is perhaps the most probable sign of depression. Thoughts of suicide and questioning the purpose of living is something that happens to many people suffering from the disorder. Uncontrollable restlessness is also a common sign of depression.

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