Top 5 Eating Disorders That People Have

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Eating plays an important role in our survival and we need to do it correctly in order to stay healthy. Most of us treat eating disorders as something very casual because it is not fatal and there are no medications for it. However, these disorders are just as serious as any other psychosomatic illness. There are several types of eating disorders that eventually lead to serious health problems like obesity, gastric problems, low blood pressure and so on.

Sometimes you are suffering from an eating disorder for years and not even aware of it. Here are some of the types of eating disorders that are most commonly seen. Check the symptoms to see if you experience any of these.

Eating Disorders

Types Of Eating Disorders:

1. Bulimia Nervosa: This is an eating disorder that makes you binge on food first and then puke it out. It is the principle of sin and purge. First you commit the sin of giving into the carnal greed for food and then as a source of punishment you vomit it out. In simple terms, you love to eat but are sacred of putting on weight, so you eat and then vomit what you have eaten. Bulimia nervosa can be a professional hazard (many fashion models suffer from it) or a lifestyle choice; the late Princess Diana suffered from Bulimia.

2. Anorexia: This is actually a disorder that occurs in response to great emotion insecurity. A person suffering from this type of eating disorder has a fear of becoming 'fat'. To cover their low self esteem they try to achieve the perfect figure. This results in excessive exercising, calorie counting and starvation. Many teenagers suffer from anorexia and end up spoiling their digestive systems for life.

3. Compulsive eating disorder: If you have this disorder then you just cannot stop eating. In other words, you have food addiction. You are addicted to eating. Even if you are not hungry you just cannot stop eating what you like. This is different from being a foodie; a foodie can never eat when they are not hungry.

4. Night Eating Syndrome: If you are suffering from this eating disorder then you will put off eating till the evening telling yourself that you are on a diet. When you get really hungry in the late evening or night, you binge on food. Then you have trouble falling asleep. This pattern repeats itself and becomes your routine. As a result of unbalanced and unhealthy eating habits, you put on weight.

5. Pica: People with this disorder have a compulsive craving for eating, licking or chewing on things that are not strictly speaking food. You must have heard stories of people eating chalk in school. It could also be things like glue, paint, ice, wax etc. In some cases Pica may be linked to deficiency of a particular mineral and in others it is accompanied by developmental problems.

Do you know of any other serious eating disorders?

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