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Junk Food Causes Mental Disorders

Posted By: Sneha
Junk Food
Junk foods are very popular with teens and many consume junk as they are addicted to it. You need to think before eating junk, as these foods have a strong connection with your psychological and mental health. These foods not only make you obese but have adverse effect on your mental health. They damage your brain and make you suffer from mental illness. Junk food influences hormones especially neurotransmitters in the brain. This in turn causes mental disorders.

Mental Disorders- Foods contains great amount of trans fats which affects the brains neurotransmitters. People consuming high amount of fats suffer from mental disorders like Depression and Alzheimer’s. This is because patients do not consume enough amount of vitamins and minerals found in whole foods. Food affects hormones and also block blood supply to the brain, causing damage to the brain.

Psychological Issues- Junk Food causes many physical problems and dysfunctional changes in the brain. Addiction to these foods leads to many psychological problems. Issues like emotional vulnerability or feeling numb to the world. These foods initiate biochemical changes and we end up reenacting the imagined childhood problems in our adulthood. The best way to alleviate psychological problems is to adopt healthy eating, less sugar and proper exercise. This will improve your condition and you will deal with life's problems more effectively.

Anxiety- Junk foods causes mental disorders and leads to problems like anxiety, trembling and fatigue. This is because theses fast foods lack omega 3 fatty acids and they are high in refined carbohydrates which leads to blood sugar fluctuations. This in turn is the reason for mental illness and problems like depression and anxiety. Fried food contains trans fats and causes such problems. So try avoiding deep fried foods.

Hyperactivity- Junk food not only causes mental problems like anxiety and depression but also leads to other disorders. Eating food high in artificial colours and preservatives like sodium benzoate causes problems of hyperactivity. Foods with high content of sugar causes hyperactivity. You feel a 'sugar rush' that makes you feel irritable, hyper and conscious. Food high on sugar can cause such mental illness.

Imbalances In Brain- Junk food contains toxic mixture of unhealthy fats, artificial colouring, refined carbohydrates and preservatives that leads to mental imbalance. These toxic foods affect hormones causing mental illness. These foods cause disorders which can get difficult to cure. So the best way to overcome such problems is inculcating healthy eating habits.

These factors state the effects of junk food on your brain and the reason for it's link to mental disorders. Food causing disorders must be avoided. Instead adopt a healthy diet free from trans fats and unwanted calories.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 12:44 [IST]
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