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Top 5 Myths About Insomnia

By Sneha

Insomnia is primarily known as sleep disorders. This is different in the case of each individual. Every time an individual cannot get up refreshed after sleep, it is termed as insomnia. The minimum hours of sleep for an individual may vary from each person to the other. Insomnia can be minor in some cases', while in some it might even turn fatal or affect the mental health of a person. But, there are some very popular insomnia myths going all around in the minds of people. Here are some of them.

Myth 1

One of the most popular insomnia myths is that it is completely psychological. Yes, being stressed and not being able to sleep might be one of the symptoms of insomnia. But, it is no way the sole reason for it. There might be many more physical reasons like chronic pain, or side effect of some drugs that is not letting you sleep.

Myth 2

Some people believe that only a drink might make a person sleep well and take them out of the clutches of insomnia. But this is not really so. Many also prefer to take their pills, along with alcohol. But, this is very unhealthy as insomnia is not an usual lack of sleep, but a serious medical disorder that needs medical attention and supervision.

Myth 3

If you are having all the symptoms of insomnia then, any sleeping aid won't just be fine. Many patients suffering from insomnia believe that any sleeping pill is fine for them. But, it is wrong to do so as every person has a different dosage of medicines that can be determined only by a medical professional.

Myth 4

There are some people of the opinion that short naps help make up for the lost sleep. There are also some of the believe that they do not need enough sleep and can make up with the sleep that they are used to. But, they are completely unaware of the fact that they are creating a condition of severe insomnia for themselves that might completely disrupt their mental health in the course of time. Sleep problems do not go away on their own and you need to consult a doctor for them.

Myth 5

Tiredness be it physical or mental does not at all help in driving away the sleep disorders. That is why many people exercise before going to sleep. Some even watch a movie or sit before their computer screens to get wearied out psychologically. If you have insomnia symptoms then better go for a medical consultation, rather than experiment on your own.

You must always take sleep disorders seriously and brush away all these myths.

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