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Gastric Diet Do's And Don'ts

By Super Admin

This time of the year, with several marriage invitations and wedding reception parties, stomach problems seem inevitable, due to constant intake of spicy party food. Gastric problem is a common illness. Gastric problem which seem to disappear by just popping a pill, may grow up to be a major illness if not worked upon on time. To suffer gas problem once in a while is not to be worried about but if you face it in regular intervals then it's time you look into the matter. Gastric problems are best cured with home remedies. One of the basic features of gastric is gas pain, to which too can be cured with home remedies.


Apart from these home remedies, the right gastric diet also plays an important role is curing the disease.

What To Eat In Gastric Diet -

1.Fruits –Two to four serving of fruits should be consumed in a day. Fruits to be consumed are apple, banana, grapes etc. These fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins which help to heal and reduce inflammation. Try to avoid citrus fruits like orange. The acid content of these fruits may just add on to the stomach acidity.

2.Vegetables –The best treatment is to include 1 cup of cooked vegetables and one glass of vegetable juice in the gastric diet. Vegetables can also be consumed in the form of salads. The rule of vegetable consumption is same as fruits. Avoid vegetables with citrus or inflammatory conditions like, tomatoes, chillies, pepper etc.

3.Grains –10 servings of grains should be included in your diet. Grains are a good source of promoting healthy bowel system. Improper bowel system is one of the basic reasons for gastric problem. Grains in the form of whole grain bread, oatmeal, barley, pasta etc, is a good choice. Avoid fried form of grains.


4.Beverages –The best treatment of this problem is drinking loads of water. Water helps to wash out the excess concentration of toxins. The next best beverage to water is black tea. Dip your tea bag in a cup of hot water. Once the liquor is made, mix a spoon of sugar and drink it in empty stomach. This is one of the best and immediate cure of gas.

What Not To Eat In Gastric Diet -

1.Refined Food –Refined food like white bread, refined sugar is difficult to digest and leads to increased irritation on the stomach lining. Thus, food like pastries, burgers etc should be avoided.

2.Fat –Gastritis is basically the inflammation of the stomach lining, which is enhanced due to fatty acids. Sources of fatty acids are fried chicken, fried onions, fried eggs etc. Boiled eggs are safe but fried eggs are a great source of fatty acids, which increases the stomach lining inflammation.

3.Spicy Food –Spicy food needless to say increases inflammation in the stomach. Spicy food may include direct intake of chillies, intake of high amount of spice everyday, mustard etc.

These are some do's and don'ts of gastric diet. Follow this and enjoy a quick relief from this health disorder.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 13:04 [IST]
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