Diabetes Tablet Treatment

Diabetes Tablets
Can everybody with Diabetes take tablet treatment?

Tablet treatment is for people with type 2 Diabetes except certain situation like pregnancy when you can not take Insulin. Also Insulin is needed during surgery, severe infection and for some reason or other you are not able to eat. Insulin is a must for people with type 1 Diabetes; they should not take tablet in any circumstances.

When is the right time to start tablet?

After diagnosis of type 2 Diabetes is confirmed, it is advisable to try diet for some time, may be for three months. This is mainly to make you realise the nature of food you should take and the ones you need to avoid. After this trial period of diet only, you should check your diabetes control and if the control is not acceptable you should start on diet plus tablet treatment.

Are all the tablets same?

Certainly not. There are different groups of Diabetes tablets available and each group has a few subgroups. To complicate the issue further, several companies in India make the same medicine. So same group or subgroup medicine is available in different names, some of them may be in 50 different names. Please make sure the name in prescription matches the medicine you buy. To confuse the issue further, some company marketed tablets almost sound like Insulin, but they are tablet, not oral Insulin.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 19, 2010, 15:05 [IST]
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