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Diabetes Can Cause Serious Health Conditions

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Along with the other organs of the body mentioned earlier, there are few other body parts which are high at risk. Diabetes has the ability to cause a heart attack, neuropathy and sometimes erectile dsyfunction.


Is heart attack or stroke common in Diabetes?

Heart attack and stroke are at least four to five times more common in people with Diabetes than without. This is because circulation is affected in Diabetes and unfortunately this happens all over the body. We are concerned for three organs mainly, the compromise of circulation in the heart gives rise to angina or heart attack. Similar problem in brain would give rise to stroke and in the feet would result into gangrene.

What is neuropathy?

Pathology of the nerve is called neuropathy and Diabetes is the commonest cause of neuropathy. Diabetes may cause positive or negative symptoms, positive symptoms means nerves are irritated and you have pain. Typically, the pain is common at rest and more at night, often responsible for sleepless night. We have treatment available for this but controlling Diabetes in similar situation is very important and actually in such a situation Insulin works better and if you are on tablet, you can think of starting Insulin for a while. Taking vitamin tablet for this in most of the cases are of no help.


Negative symptoms or lack of sensation, feeling numb are due to nerves not working any more and in most of the cases this is permanent.

Can erectile dysfunction happen in diabetes?

This is a very rarely discussed issue both by the patient as well as the doctor. It can occur both in men & women. Examination is of limited value, blood investigations followed by the appropriate treatment can alleviate the problem.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 11:23 [IST]
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