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Happy 60th Sanjay Dutt: It’s Time For An Ode To Sanju Baba's Fitness

Born on 29 July, 1959, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt celebrates his 60th birthday today and it's a high time to present a fitness ode to one of the fittest actors of Bollywood. His regime gives us major goals about fitness and determination. Sanjay Dutt is one of those actors from whom other actors seek fitness tips. Even after certain dark phases in his life (drug addiction and imprisonment), he manages to keep himself fit every day and motivate others that no matter where you are or what you're up to, always keep your training on and be healthy.

Today, as we celebrate the Rocky actor's birthday, let's explore his workout regime and diet plan which keep him perfectly fit even at the age of 60.

Sanjay Dutt's Fitness Story

Sanjay is known as a man who shifted from his 'high on drugs' phase to 'high on fitness' phase. He made workout an important part of his life to overcome his 9-year-old habit of drug addiction. He mentions that there was not a single drug he hasn't tried and when his health started degrading, he decided to quit all the bad habits and concentrate more on workouts and healthy living. If you have watched his biopic "Sanju", you might be aware of the effort he had put in to overcome his habit.

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Sanju Baba was also imprisoned in Yerwada Central Jail (Pune) for five years and yet, he kept his body in shape. As he was not allowed to use dumbbells, he lifted buckets of water, trash cans and mud pots instead, to perform his exercise. Sanjay also used to perform crunches and lived an active life in jail to stay physically healthy. While he was in jail, he mastered all forms of exercise and lost 18 kg without any gym equipment which is why he is known for his strong determination.

Sanjay Dutt is an actor who can carry a heavy armour weighing around 35 kg. He often trains himself in core and muscle-maintaining exercises. Sanjay's Russian Wiper exercise on pull up bar is the one that gives a tough competition to the young actors out there.

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Sanjay Dutt's Diet

Sanjay Dutt's meal is rich in fibre and protein. He opts for food which is less in carbs and fats - like a bowl of chicken/fish and green salad. He avoids having salty foods and other high calorie-packed foods.

Sanjay Dutt Reveals His New Fitness Goal On His Birthday

As Sanjay Dutt defies one more year today, he took a resolution to stop consuming alcohol and live a regimented life. He reveals that the determination came from his twin kids who are 9 years old currently. He said that he had already missed a portion of their childhood as he was in jail and now wanted to make up for it and spend sufficient time with them.

Sanjay is really a fitness freak as he transformed himself from a drug addict to a person who now gives fitness advice to actors like Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Over the years, life has thought him a great lesson and he mentions that there's no drug in this world that could compete with the adrenaline rush which someone gets from life, work, and a fit body.