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You Can Lose Weight By Eating Chocolate Cake!

By Varsha Pappachan
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Chocolate - A guilty pleasure for most of us! After all, there would be very less people on this planet who wouldn't like chocolate. Low blood pressure? Feeling unhappy? Stressed out? - Have a chocolate!

It's a proven fact, based on individual experiences, that chocolate does enhance the mood or normalizes the blood pressure. Because of the presence of a chemical called phenylethylamine in it, chocolate does make you feel really good!

These are some of the immediate benefits of having chocolate. But, are you aware that consuming chocolate or dark chocolate cake can even help you lose weight in the long run? Surprised? Read on to know more about the findings of an amazing research on the effect of dark chocolate cake on the overall weight of a person!

Are you desperately trying to lose weight, while looking for healthy options to achieve the desired outcome? You must have come across suggestions related to many healthy foods such as sprouts, green vegetables, protein-rich foods, broccoli, etc. But, do you know having dark chocolate cake is another viable option to lose weight? Now, the question is how? Let us find out.

As per a study, having sweets added to a breakfast rich in proteins and carbohydrates is an extremely beneficial idea. The metabolism level of our body is the highest in the morning after we wake up. And it is easy for the body to shed off the calories during the course of the day.

Also, it can help curb any sort of sweet-cravings later during the day, which is usually one of the major reasons to put on extra weight. Many of us give in to these cravings and tend to have sweets during the day or towards the end of the day, which leads to extra calorie build up in the body. The chances of burning off those extra-loaded calories gets lesser as the day progresses, since the metabolism levels tend to fall during the later part of the day.

Another benefit of having a chocolate cake for breakfast is that it successfully helps regulate a hormone called 'ghrelin', which is responsible for stimulating appetite. This helps with suppressing the hunger pangs at other meal-times.

A research was conducted to study the effect of dark chocolate cake on losing weight. More than 190 obese individuals were divided into two groups. One of the groups was made to eat desserts in breakfast, including chocolate cake, donuts, cookies, etc. The other group was advised to eat smaller breakfasts with almost half the calories as compared to the previous group. The former group who were assigned bigger breakfast were made to have smaller dinner with much lesser calories. However, the per-day calorie consumption of each group was exactly the same, i.e., around 1400 calories for women and 1600 calories for men.

Both the groups were monitored while they continued the same pattern for the next 32 weeks, after which they were found to have lost the similar amount of weight. However, in the post-study phase, the big breakfast group lost average 15 pounds, whereas the small breakfast group gained around 24 pounds! The reason for this was simple.

The group who had lesser calories for breakfast, experienced intense sugar and carbohydrate cravings during the day, and as a result cheated on the diet plan. But the big breakfast group felt more satisfied as well as energetic during the day, and didn't need to gorge themselves on sweets or high carbohydrate foods.

A weight gain is many a time caused due to increased cravings for sugar or carbohydrates in the body, caused by the lack of them! Many fad diets promise quick weight-loss by following the principle of forbidding of high calorie foods such as desserts. These kind of diets are definitely effective for a short-term, but very difficult to sustain since the dieters tend to give in to the strong desire to have these foods, thereby regaining the weight that they might have previously lost!

Some of the delicious and popular varieties of dark chocolate cake are Chocolate Bliss cake, Chocolate & Vanilla Marble loaf cake, Hazelnut chocolate cake and so on. Indulging yourself in the habit of having dark chocolate cake, especially during breakfast, is something that you can do on a regular basis, without feeling guilty about it. It is anyway better than depriving your body completely off sugar, leading to the body craving for it more and making you eat sugar in abundance, thereby defeating the very purpose of losing weight!

On a practical note, it may be easy and effective to discard sugar initially. But, at a later stage, when the sugar-cravings becomes high, the mind will be forced to listen to the body and give up on the endeavour. Therefore, including dark chocolate to a nutritious breakfast would help in keeping the weight-gain at bay at a consistent rate by increasing energy levels in the body for activities throughout the day.

Story first published: Thursday, April 26, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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