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You Can Burn More Calories With These Sex Positions

By Janhavi Patel

Like any physical exercise, sex burns calories. No shocker there, isn't it? It makes you sweat, grunt, groan (moan too), scream sometimes and works on your muscles in ways you couldn't otherwise imagine working them. This form of exercise is obviously not as intense as your regular gym or cross-training workout, but it's enough to warm your body up.

What plays an important role in the amount of calories burnt in this act is the position and also getting the position right. It engages your muscles and gives you pleasure at the same time. This is like a perfect excuse for a couple workout, isn't it?

Here are four great calorie-burner positions, two for the ladies and two for the men.

Burner For The Ladies

1. Cow girl and Reverse Cow girl:

What would it look like?

In this position, the woman sits upright bracing her legs on to the bed or the floor, working the buttock, the gluteal muscles and core muscles. It's like riding a horse. A more intense version of this would be, if the woman comes up on her feet, squatting above her man, engaging both, her quads and calf muscles. This position is pleasurable and a good workout for the woman. The man gets good pleasure while relaxing and also, don't forget his view, be it Cow girl or Reverse Cow girl!

Calories Burnt:

A good 220-250 calories can be burnt in 30 minutes by the woman who is on top. Since not much work is done by the man, he burns about 40-50 calories.

2. Lotus:

What would it look like?

It looks just like its name, a lotus. It is somewhat similar to the Missionary position, the only difference being, the couple is sitting up instead of sleeping on the floor or bed. The woman sits with her legs around the man's waist and the man sits with his legs spread a little. The core is being worked by both, trying to stay stable, and the glutes are being used while thrusting. It's a lot more intense for the woman because she is on top again. This one lets you two get close, leaving your hands free, and to look into each other's eyes and steam things up a lot more.

Calories Burnt:

The woman burns around 100-120 calories and the man burns 40-50 calories.

Burner For The Men

1. Missionary:

What would it look like?

I don't think this position requires much of an explanation. It's the ABCD of Kamasutra, as it's the most widely incorporated position that most couples enjoy. In this position, the man is on top. The woman is just lying on the bed or floor. If the man holds himself up with this arms, it works the muscles of the arms very well. The pelvic thrust also burns a lot of calories. If the woman squeezes her gluteal muscles and adds an opposite pelvic thrust, it could be a burner for her too. You get a good view of each other and a relaxing pleasure.

Calories Burnt:

The man obviously burns more calories than the woman, about 120-150 calories. The woman could burn from 50 to 70 calories.

2. Standing:

What would it look like?

It is considered to be one of the most challenging positions. It requires the man to lift the woman up in some way. The man and the woman face each other, the woman wraps her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. The man supports all her weight with both his hands and bends slightly to keep them both stable, with the pelvis thrust forward. The woman could be standing on one leg with the other leg lifted and supported by the man. Both would need good arm strength and stamina for this position to work. The leg muscles and core are engaged, as the man lifts his woman up and thrusts using his pelvic muscles. The woman needs to brace herself against the wall; something like those crazy wall sits you do in the gym. This position engages a lot more muscles for the man, toning his entire body. It ensures a good climax for both partners if the barrier of getting the position right is overcome.

Calories Burnt:

The woman burns around 200-250 calories, keeping herself up and keeping herself stable from the thrusts of her man. The man burns close to 400 calories if he supports her whole body up.

Other positions like the Doggy-style and Scissors are a lot less strenuous than the ones mentioned above. But they do burn calories nevertheless. In Doggy-style, the woman has to keep herself stable, while her man throws all his weight at her from the back, engaging her core in doing so.

Scissors is the least strenuous of all, with both partners lying on the bed and holding themselves up by both their hands. The arms do get toned well though. Every position burns calories, depending on which set of muscles are engaged.

Don't use this as an excuse to miss your actual exercise though! Sex could be a great warm up, but it couldn't replace your time spent at the gym for sure! There are many studies which suggest that morning sex is a great booster for the mood and your body. It keeps you active and happy throughout the day. Could you ask for a better excuse to spice things up in bed right when you wake up (not like you did need an excuse)?

Regular sex has got some great benefits - a good immunity, low blood pressure, a healthy heart, improves quality of sleep, a great stress buster, relieves pain of muscles, cramp relief for women during their menstrual cycle, a happy mind, fit body and, of course, a close and intimate relationship with your significant other.

"Sexercise - Position, spice and everything nice! These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect pleasure. But Anatomy accidently added an extra ingredient, the challenge!"

But then, what's life without a lot of challenges? Especially, if it's got such a happy ending?

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 7:30 [IST]
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