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    These 7 Foods Decrease Fertility In Women

    These 7 Foods Decrease Fertility In Women | Boldsky

    The joy of giving birth to a baby is something that all women look forward to at some point in their lives. While getting pregnant is a natural process, some women experience many hurdles in their way because of infertility issues.

    Infertility is a common issue among women today. It is that condition where the eggs released by the ovaries may not reach the fallopian tubes, thereby making it difficult for it to be fertilized. Sometimes, the egg may not be healthy enough to sustain fertility, or sometimes the fallopian tubes may not have enough mucus for the egg to travel freely. All these make it difficult for women to conceive.

    There are many factors that contribute to infertility in women. Things like unhealthy and stressful lifestyle along with abuse of birth control pills for longer durations, all these can make it difficult for women to conceive. But if the problem is not deep rooted, it can usually be solved through some dietary changes.

    foods that decrease fertility

    Women often do not realise the importance of a healthy diet as a part of efforts in conceiving. A good and healthy diet will go a long way in maintaining a good reproductive health. While all of you must be aware of certain fertile-friendly foods from one of our previous posts, there is a list of foods you need to avoid in such cases.

    Here, in this article, we will be focusing on some foods which are absolute worst and play a spoil-sport in your chances of conceiving, so stay away from those.

    Given below are the foods that may harm your fertility, so avoid them.

    1) Processed Foods:

    These foods are not just bad for your fertility health, they wreck havoc in the whole body. Processed foods are full of trans fat MSG and high fructose corn syrup and these things are very bad for our body. They are full of toxins, that too of a kind which is very difficult for our body to get rid of. They are also said to be major contributors of weight gain, which makes it more difficult for women to conceive.

    2) Caffeine:

    Women who drink more than 3 cups a day of coffee are said to have 50% less chances of conceiving. That is because our liver has to work harder in processing the extra caffeine. It also decreases the efficiency of calcium being absorbed in our body. A body which is calcium deficient cannot conceive easily.

    3) Sugar:

    As if we need one more reason to ditch the sweets, excess sugar in a diet just makes all the other hormones in your body go hunky-dory, which makes it difficult for the reproductive hormones to function. Theses hormones are what are responsible for releasing the egg into the fallopian tubes, in order to get it fertilised by a healthy sperm.

    4) Chocolate:

    A bad news for all chocolate lovers out there, your favourite treat may indeed come in your way of conceiving. Chocolate is just one of the many sources of caffeine. It also is something which we can easily indulge in, so it is better to be avoided all together. Another reason to ditch chocolate is its sugar content. Though it is okay to have good quality, unsweetened dark chocolate at times, make sure to not cross the line from there.

    5) Soya Bean And Soy Products:

    For people who want to go vegan, this can be a bummer in your plans. Too much soy protein in your diet can cause some serious infertility issues. Soya beans contain the plant form of oestrogens, phytoestrogens, which is an anti-pregnancy hormone. Too much oestrogen in the body imbalances the other hormones too, which delays the release of an egg for fertilisation.

    6) High-mercury Fish:

    Fish like king Mackerel, shark and sword fish contain high levels of mercury, which are often not easily eliminated by our body. It is harmful for the developing baby's nervous system. Mercury has the tendency to be stored in the body, which results in a high number of birth defects and also contributes to low birth weight.

    7) Alcohol And Smoking:

    Alcohol is known to be really bad for the reproductive health in women. It creates hormonal imbalance in the body, leads to excessive weight gain, may damage the liver and reproductive organs, all of which highly contribute to infertility. Similarly, smoking reduces the health of the eggs. It also increases the chances of genetic abnormalities. In short, giving a break to these unhealthy habits and following a good diet and stress-free lifestyle will immediately increase your chances of conceiving your little bundle of joy.

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